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Unbelievable: Actor from Iran looks like Hollywood legends!

Don’t even start scrunching up your faces at this guy on the left. The man’s name is Jamshid Hashempour, and he’s an actor from Iran.

From what I’ve been told he’s somewhat a cult persona in Tehran (and all of Iran as well), and is considered a celebrity there.

By looking at stills from his movies, and his filmography, I’d say he is a good actor – the looks sometimes tell a lot about a person.

Speaking of filmography – according to IMDB, he appeared in 57 movies (I am sure there were more, just not listed on IMDB in this particular case), and Hashempour career lasted from 1968 up until 2010 (last IMDB entry). I believe he’s still alive, just not acting anymore.

What’s unbelievable is that Hashempour looks just like two of the great Hollywood actors (one of which is still alive and kicking, and another one who’s sadly not with us anymore).

Get ready for this: Jamshid Hashempour looks (in some pictures) just like John Saxon (Enter the Dragon, Cannibal Apocalypse, Nightmare on Elm Street), and Yul Brynner (Magnificent Seven, WestWorld, Taras Bulba, The Ten Commandments)! To clear all your doubts, just take a look at two pictures below.

Aside from this, Hashempour, according to the information I got, was also an action movie star! I’ve gathered some of the posters from his movies (action films, war dramas), and they do remind me a lot of those 70’s Italian EuroCrime flicks and 80s Philippino action movies. Take a look below.

From what I could find, it turns out Jamshid Hashempour is considered by some a “Iranian Bruce Willis”. Well, since we already have “Indian Chuck Norris”, “Indonesian and Turkish Rambos”, then why not have an Iranian Bruce Willis?

Another thing is that Hashempour was one of the first actors in Iran in the 80s to shave his head (after Brynner, but before Willis), which was unique in Islamic Republic at that time.

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