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Uwe Boll on Rampage 2: Hero is the bad guy and we cheer for him

uwe-boll-rampage-2Director Uwe Boll has started rolling the cameras on his latest project, “Rampage 2”, with Rogue’s Brendan Fletcher starring.

Fletcher originally starred in “Rampage” with Michael Pare and Matt Frewer in 2009, also directed by Boll. Fletcher worked on “Rampage” for 6 days Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

“I’ve worked with Uwe (Boll) before, this might be our 8th movie together or something,” Fletcher told the Vancouver Sun.

“Rampage 2” also stars Lochlyn Munro (Tomorrowland), Mike Dopud and Michaela Ross. The film is produced by Natalia Tudge.

“Basically, first Rampage film was about my character building a suit, and arming himself with automatic weapons, and then terrorising his small town, robbing a bank, and then he frames his friend for the whole thing,” Fletcher said.

“Rampage 2 is similar but it has a much more socio-political message to it. It’s about taking over a TV station to get the message across nationwide, via a live interview,” he explained.

Uwe Boll in his turn said that a lot of people appreciated the non-Hollywood approach to “Rampage”, which did not follow the stereotypical “good guys always win” scenario.

“The main point of Rampage is that the hero is the bad guy, we follow him through the whole movie, and we cheer for him to get away with it,” Boll told the Vancouver Sun.

Boll’s earlier movie credits include House of the Dead, the video game adaptation Bloodrayne, Postal and the social drama Darfur.

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