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“Villains of the Silver Screen” – 2nd release: Maniac Cop

I love bad guys, I love villains. They are the core of each film, even the bad one. Villains make good guys look good, and even beyond that.

Great villains are memorable. So, please welcome our second release of the “Villains of the Silver Screen”.

Here we will discuss and talk about various movie villains, but will try to stay within our website’s standards.

In each new release we will be focusing on one villain of one movie (sometimes series as well).

First release can be viewed here, and this particular release features a really tough villain, that can stand up to pretty much anyone. Matt Cordell, aka the Maniac Cop.

FILM: Maniac Cop trilogy
SCREEN NAME: Officer Matt Cordell (the Maniac Cop)
PLAYED BY: Robert Z’dar
PART: Main villain
TYPE: Police offer that comes back from the dead to get revenge.
CRIMES: what crimes? He’s just a cop with his own type of justice.




Robert Zdar has made some of the most idiotic and pathetic films ever. I don’t blame the guy – an actor has to work. However, Zdar did make a couple of movies that became cult, and Zdar will forever be remembered for them. One was “Maniac Cop”, where Zdar played Officer Matt Cordell, – a huge cop that comes back from the dead to get revenge on the people who put him behind bars, where he was killed (almost). The first part of the franchise became cult, and two more sequels followed. Zdar played Cordell in all of the films, and in the end of part 3, Cordell still lives…I guess its true what people say – “you can’t keep a good cop down”.

POSSIBILITIES: Character of Matt Cordell is actually someone who would tear Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal apart. Throughout the whole franchise Cordell gets shot at, he bleeds, he shoots down the whole police station (think Terminator), he stops a freaking chainsaw with his hand! Did I mention he crushes through the walls and drives car while burning alive? Anyway, in my opinion, a prequel should be made on Cordell, to show how he was when he was still “a normal cop”. Robert Zdar can play a cameo role.

Who could play Matt Cordell: Obviously someone who could look a little like younger Rober Zdar…although I hardly believe that even if the prequel gets the green light someday, they will find someone with Zdar’s chin. Below is a little addition for you: a small photo gallery of Zdar in the “Maniac Cop” franchise.

Stay tuned for another release of “Villains of the Silver Screen”. If you have some villain that we could discuss, feel free to let us know!

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