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Waiting for zombies to take over India in Ford brothers’ upcoming horror flick

the-dead-2-indiaLet’s be honest – there is never enough of zombie movies. Good or bad, whether made by big studios or independent ones – zombie movies have a solid, growing base of fans – that, just like a car needs its fuel – need more films of their favorite horror sub-genre.

And, one of the most anticipated upcoming zombie movies – “The Dead 2:India” will be opening the 2013 edition of the Film4 FrightFest.

Film4 FrightFest Co-director Alan Jones said that “Film4 FrightFest is delighted” with choosing The Dead 2: India as an opening film, noting that it “represents everything FrightFest is about”. FrightFest is scheduled to begin on August 22-26 at the Empire Cinema in London’s Leicester Square.

The film is produced, written and directed by the same people, who brought us “The Dead” (2011), Howard and John Ford. The first film took place in Africa, while this one would be set in modern India.

“The Dead 2:India” was reportedly shot in 5 weeks on locations in India, including Rajasthan, Delhi and Mumbai.

The sequel is about an India-based American engineer (Joseph Millson) who needs the help of an orphan (Anand Goyal) to reach his pregnant girlfriend (Meenu) 300 miles away during a zombie apocalypse.

It should be noted that while “The Dead” (2011) was a darn good zombie movie (at times it seemed like the Ford brothers took up where George Romero has left), the sequel will become the first international zombie film to be shot in India.

“We wrote the sequel frighteningly quickly, tapping into every constructive comment from true fans of the genre so we could make a film we feel we owe to all the people who supported The Dead,” co-director Howard Ford said. “We have upped our game immensely in scale and adrenaline fuelled action sequences with some terrifying situations in locations never seen before in the genre. Strap in, and get ready for the epic journey.”

While in Cannes, Howard Ford said both him and Jon Ford knew they would be making a sequel to the first Dead film, as “here was plenty of scope to where we could take our idea of abject horror and emotional devastation presented against a stunning natural backdrop.”.

Jon Ford added: “We still felt our creative itches hadn’t been scratched and that we needed to continue our adventure into the living dead unknown. There just seemed to be too much talk and anticipation about us making another zombie movie we couldn’t ignore. So we thought let’s do it! Part of the magic of The Dead was its minimalism both in terms of dialogue and how it played out in the road movie style. Not everyone was going to get that and we knew it. So we decided to embellish the story this time with a few more mainstream elements without losing what was so special about the first film”.

If the Ford brothers have really took into consideration all the comments from horror fans, when writing “The Dead 2:India”, then the film should really be a step forward over the first film.

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