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Watch out for the pricks…

What if someone told you that less than 10 minutes  would be enough to make sure you won’t be making any physical contacts with unknown people anymore?

In this particular case it is not someone but something. Welcome – “Prick”, a quite unique short horror movie that lets us into the mind of a serial killer Leonard (Ian Batt).

The Patrick Bateman-looking Leonard is using quite a unique way of killing people – with pins.

Everyday, he dresses up like there’s a very urgent meeting at his work, yet he wanders the streets, walks among people, finds an excuse to make contact with them, and masterfully pricks them with poisoned pins.

“To kill someone Leonard finds an excuse to make physical contact with people,” film’s producer Kyle Sevier explained to BZFilm. “The slow acting poison gives him the opportunity to watch his victims die at a distance thus escaping any sort of suspicion by the victim or anyone who may be around.”

Later however, Leonard finds himself in trouble as his already unstable mind starts playing jokes on him…

The film was the directorial debut of Colin Berry, who did a fantastic job with both directing and cinematography here. The film has no dialogue, and runs for just under 10 minutes.

As film’s producer Kyle Sevier told BZFilm, “Prick” was shot for under $2,000 by talented volunteers and with donated equipment.

“Prick” premiered at the 2011 Toronto After Dark Film Festival where is preceded “Exit Humanity” – another horror movie, that Colin Berry worked on as a visual effects artist.

Kyle Sevier also noted that “Prick” is currently on the road with Rue Morgue & Unstable Ground’s Little Terrors tour.

“After premiering at Toronto After Dark, Prick was selected over hundreds of shorts by “LITTLE TERRORS”, a consortium of Rue Morgue and Unstable Ground, for their 2012 highlights tour,” Sevier told BZFilm.

So, if you get a chance to see this little gem – please do, it is well worth it.

And, don’t worry if you happen to bump into Ian Batt (Leonard) on the street somewhere – he seems like a very nice guy, who also happens to be an active yoga practitioner.

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