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Wesley Snipes out of prison, now what?

wesley snipesWhether you like him or not, Wesley Snipes is no longer behind bars, as famous Hollywood actor has been released.

Snipes has been serving time in Pennsylvania’s McKean Federal Correctional Institution since December 2010 for not filing his federal taxes.

According to TMZ, Snipes was released on April 2, and that he will be under house arrest—the preferred official nomenclatures is “home confinement”—until July 19.

It can be assumed that now Snipes has a lot going on his mind, and probably one of the things he might consider – is getting back into movies.

IMDb already has him listed (as rumored) in the third part of the Sylvester Stallone-driven “Expendables 3” film. A lot of people believe Snipes should be involved in the project.

One thing is clear – now that Snipes has learned his lesson, he’s better outside of the prison walls, as he’s in good shape and more valuable to movie studios than when he was imprisoned.

Aside from becoming a part of Stallone’s “Expendables” franchise, Snipes needs to start working on his own vehicles to gain back what he has lost while being away.

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