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What horror movie to become “Mimesis” next?

nosferatu mimesisA few days ago Douglas Schulze’s horror flick “Mimesis” was released on DVD and Blu-ray, and Dread Central talked to the director about his future plans, and of course about the creation of “Mimesis”.

A die-hard horror fan, Schulze said he the idea of the film came to him at one of the horror cons, where he saw horror movie fans “being in character” and harrassing other people.

In “Mimesis”, these “fans” eventually take it as far as killing people for real.

Interestingly, Schulze admitted that he never wanted to remake Night of the Living Dead or update it in any way.

“Mimesis was more about the concept of horror fans taking their love of horror to the next level, and it just so happens they want to make their own Romero movie,” he said.


Further on, Schulze said that he’s hoping to make a sequel for “Mimesis”.

“We already shot something, kind of like a teaser, with Kristy Swanson, as we’re developing a Nosferatu story around her,” he said in the interview.

In “Mimesis”, one of the characters says “next time we should do Friday 13th” – an idea that, after all, probably wouldn’t have worked out too well, due to so many horror movies being about “mask-wearing maniacs”.

As it turns out, Schulze is planning “Nosferatu” mimesis next, which is cool. It would have been nice to see some other known actors added to the cast, maybe even Rutger Hauer in a small part, who also starred with Swanson in the original “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”?

What other classic horror movie idea would you prefer to be used in the next “Mimesis” film?

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