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Will Chuck Norris accept the part in “The Expendables 2”?

Okay, so we all know that “Expendables 2” is coming, and the cast promises to be even better than in the first film.

Now, it seems like, we’re getting closer to having one more action movie superstar on board, this time – HE confirmed it himself.

A couple of hours ago, Chuck Norris posted this on his Facebook page: “To all of those who have been asking… I have been strongly considering a role in “The Expendables 2″. I will let you know more in the near future : ) Thanks for your interest. Your friend, Chuck Norris”. Great news, if you ask me.

What Norris can bring to the table: First of all his name. Norris might be in his early 70’s now, but hey – remember Bolo Yeung in “Bloodsport”? That was 1988 and Bolo was around 50 at that time…

Same thing with Norris, I’ve seen a few of his recent pictures, he has aged of course, but I believe he can still do a fight scene if he decides to (although there was a stunt double used for Chuck’s last film “The Cutter”, where he battled Daniel Bernhardt).

The only thing I didn’t like was the absence of beard… I got used to seeing Norris with a beard, and it seems like nowadays he sticks to mustache. Anyway, if he’s in “Expendables”, doesn’t matter if its beard or mustache.

As far as his Facebook page goes, there already are tons of comments from all kinds of people, who, do want to see him take the part in the picture. Somehow, I feel he will only do a cameo part, but that’s better than nothing. I think his “consideration” on whether taking the project or not depends only on his schedule, money has nothing to do with it.

In any case, I hope he does accept the part, as I’d love to see “…and Chuck Norris” on the “Expendables 2” movie poster. Who needs Steven Seagal, if you got Chuck Norris himself. Any opinions?

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