Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept quest posts?

Well, if its interesting and valuable, why not? We can always discuss it, just get in touch with us.

I’d like to advertise on BZFilm… What can you offer me?

It all depends on what you want to advertise. Please check out our Advertising Policy here, and our Advertising rates here. In general, we accept guest posts, banner ads, text links, and we are open to suggestions. If you have any other ideas, just contact us.

Why do you prefer B-movies over the ones made in Hollywood with big name stars?

By watching blockbusters one can’t really learn anything about filmmaking, while low-budget films and indies are definitely something that can give you food for thoughts and such. In short, we root for the underdogs.

Have you done anything significant?

We’ve covered some interesting film projects, and we try to stay in contact with independent filmmakers. BZFilm has previously done interviews with various actors, directors, producers, experts and others. Some of them are:

– Chris Olen Ray (director)
– David A. Prior (director)
– Ted Prior (actor, Deadly Prey)
– Jana Mashonee (actress, singer)
– Vernon Wells (actor, Commando)
– David Worth (director, Kickboxer)
– Albert Pyun (director, Nemesis)
– Gary Daniels (action star, martial artist)
– Cynthia Rothrock (action star, martial artist)
– Frank Zagarino (cult action star)
– Fred Vogel (independent filmmaker)
– Donna D’Errico (actress, Baywatch)
– Geoff Meed (actor, writer)
– Menahem Golan (Cannon group founder, producer)
– Richard Munchkin (director)
– Dennis Hayden (actor, Die Hard)
– Simon Rhee (actor, stuntman, martial artist)
– Alec Gillis (co-founder of Oscar winning SFX studio Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.)

How many people work at BZFilm?

We have a small team of dedicated people, movie fans of course, and we try to devote our time to running BZFilm for as long as we can.

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