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FANMAIL – Best tagline for a mixed martial arts film?

bzfilm-fanmailOkay, here is the first email we’ve selected for the “Fanmail” category.

Someone named “Josh” has sent BZFilm a letter, regarding numerous mixed martial arts films that are being released today.

Josh believes these films are not as good as those old 90s kickboxing movies, and definitely not as good as old kung-fu films, with Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and his numerous clones.

So, our fan sent us a short list of taglines for “new mma movie”.

These are the ones that Josh believes could be used for a new mixed martial arts film. Check them out below (keep in mind – first comes the film’s title, and then the tagline):

1. “Some fight for Glory. Some fight for Justice. These guys fight for fun…”

2. “Prepare to bleed”

3. “Every undefeated champion has a weakness…”

4. “The faster you win, the longer you’ll live”

Feel free to share your opinions on these taglines in the comments.  What would your tagline for a mixed martial arts film be?

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