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3D films: experts give tips, discuss specific problems

Although the 1950s are most often considered the 3-D movie decade, the first feature length 3-D film, “The Power of Love,” was made in 1922.

Since that time the use of 3-D technology in theaters and on television has drifted in and out of mainstream popularity.

Believe it or not, there are lots of movie lovers around the world, that still would be better off watching a usual DVD, or even a VHS, instead of going to a 3D theater for the latest blockbuster.

3D still has specific problems that need to be seen in advance, so that a filmmaker would be able to do the film as intended, and the viewer will get the maximum out of the shown content.

The latest 3D Film Festival in Los Angeles had experts discussing a lot of issues regarding the 3D, some of which were really interesting. Some practical advices were given as well.

For proper distribution of a 3D film, you need both a good idea and something that people would want to see in 3D. In other words, if there’s no “hook”, there is no economic incentives yet to go the extra mile, and pay more money.

It was noted, that 3D at the Hollywood level is always director driven. In a nutshell, there are two approaches, either the directors think of 3D as integral to the story, or an afterthought.

Speaking of technical aspects – most theaters still project 3D too dark. According to the 3D discussion panel, the optional way to watch is at a whopping 14 foot lamberts of brightness. The average, for a good theater is 4.5 foot lamberts and many theaters are well below.

The panel experts recommended that while shooting 3D, it would be better to have at least a 42-inch monitor on set, to be able to watch playbacks. 3D scales down too well, you won’t see problems for big screens unless you have a big monitor.

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