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A way out: Independent filmmakers look for money on Facebook?

We talked about how you can raise the money for your film project before, and now, we’re going to talk about how you can use Facebook on this matter.

Social networking sites like Facebook (which is growing day by day) emerge fast as specific tools for independent filmmakers to fund their film projects. We can also take a look at some vivid examples here.

According to India Times, Sanjay Suri-Onir’s recently released movie “I Am” is India’s largest crowd-funded film with more than 400 producers from over 45 countries.

Impressive, huh? Happy with the success of the “I Am” experiment, the director is now crowd-sourcing his next film titled “Chauranga”, also online, again through Facebook. He has already put up posters of the film and is looking forward to pull in some talent.

Another example is Paris based Indian filmmaker Prashant Nair, who debuts with his film “Delphi in a Day”. Nair tries to get his project going with the help from French government and some online communities. He also is looking forward to explore this kind of funding method in his next movie – “Amrika”, which, again, is based in Delphi, and takes a look at the Indian perception of the country.

And yet another example – Russian filmmaker Victor Geinsberg, who made a film on one of the most loved novels of Russia in the post-Soviet era “Generation P”, said he did approach some local Russian producers to finance his film, but was  eventually turned down.

The reason – a lot of foul language, which at some point is a taboo in russian cinema (yes they do talk like that in the movies, but not too much). Geinsberg realized, that since the film was about an advertising guy, he could raise money from the products featured in the film, which was a smart move. Talk about creativity!

The point here is – turn your brain on, and use the right direction. Stanley Kubrick once said: “if this can be written, it can be filmed”. Some time later, a bodybuilder-turned-actor from Austria said: “If it bleeds, we can kill it”, in the movie “Predator”.

Both of these phrases have one thing in common – use your creativity to the fullest, if you lack funds. Using online social networks is one of the possible ways to fund your project. Just make sure you approach this opportunity from the right angle.

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