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Best advice to choose a film school

film-school-bestSo, you’ve decided to take some film courses, or even attend a film school.

The question here remains the same, as with any other sphere…which one to choose, to make sure you get what you paid for?

One thing you can do before actually paying for the courses, is to check out online, to see how does a particular school or university rank.

Reading some reviews on the topic might help as well, yet often the online criticism is flawed, and is considered unreliable by many.

Also keep in mind, that a lot of people who made it to the industry, and became famous, did not attend any film schools (such as Sergio Leone, James Cameron, Quentin Tarantino), and yet they’re known all over the world.

The New York Film Academy recently gave a very good, simple advice on how to wisely chose the best film school, suitable for your needs.

The advice would be – visit the schools. Visit the campus, visit classrooms, see equipment, talk to the administrators, students, filmmakers, teachers. Gather information, and see how good of a fit that is for you. Film and acting are still very physical endeavors.

On the other hand, if you cannot afford to be visiting a school every 3-4 days, and spend money, then you could always go for a cheaper method – read as much as you can on film making, take some online courses, and what’s most important – go out and start shooting something!

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