Filmmaking: Tips, Sources & Tools — July 14, 2011 at 9:51 am

FREE EBOOK – “The Modern Filmmaking Movement”

Independent filmmaking is changing. To help you survive and thrive, TEN of the world’s most prominent filmmaker thought leaders have come together to share modern filmmaking ideas.

This is something I found accidentally online, and it looks really promising.

Since its free, grab it, and read it! The free download link is below, get the book while its available.

But first, a Brief Overview Of What’s Included In This FREE Filmmaking Action Guide!


* Uncover Successful, Modern Screenwriting Tips with Jurgen Wolff
* Find Out How To Make the Most of Movie Money with Norman C. Berns
* Discover Six Ways to Finance Your Feature Film with Gordon Firemark
* Bankroll Your Movie with Tom Malloy
* Get The Inside Scoop On Crowdfunding with Carole Dean
* Plan Your Production For Maximum Success with Peter D. Marshall
* Modern Guerrilla Filmmaking with Gary King
* Navigate Film Festivals and Do Them Right with Sheri Candler
* Sell Your Movie Without the Middle-Man with Jason Brubaker
* Find Out About The Producer of Marketing and Distribution and Utilize The New 50/50 with Jon Reiss

DOWLOAD “Modern Filmmaking Movement” HERE

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