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Things to know, before looking for investors for your independent film

Let’s take a look at the list from filmmakingstuff, about what you need to know in order to promote your film correctly, and hopefully to find investors for your movie.

1. Break down your script
Try breaking down your film script into a schedule. Use information from your schedule to create your initial production budget. On the other hand, if you got some money to spend, hire someone to do this work for you.

2. Creating a business plan
Utilize the information from your film budget to write your business plan. Your business plan will detail how your movie money will be spent – but more importantly, your business plan will also detail how you will  market and sell your movie.

3. Creating a marketing plan
Your business plan will also contain a marketing plan. Creating a marketing plan is a relatively new step for filmmakers, but having an idea for how you will market and sell your movie is quite important. I would personally suggest (aside from other methods) using internet as a marketing plan.

Here you can read about distributing your movie online, and here you can check out how social networks can help you do the same as well. Now, everyone wants to succeed, and in order to do that, try not only creating a marketing plan, but also budget the cost of your marketing. Again, allocating funds to your marketing is a relatively new step for filmmakers. In the past, your marketing was handled by movie distributors.

4. Update the budget
In the past, your initial budget only included your production costs. Now that you have your marketing plan, you will have to pay for your marketing. You will need to decide if the money will come from your production budget  – or will you go out and raise funds? Check out this article on how you can use internet to raise some funds for your movie project.

5. Crowdfunding to cover movie project legal
Once you are satisfied with your business plan, then you will need to find a lawyer – especially if you plan on approaching prospective investors. But doing this correctly can be quite expensive. So to raise the legal fees, consider testing your concept and marketing hook by creating a crowdfunding campaign. From this practice, you can possibly raise money to cover your legal costs.

6. Find prospective Investors
Once you get the “green light” from your lawyer, you will need to reach out to rich people. Now before you actually pick up a phone and give them some calls, prepare yourself for the possible conversation. Try thinking a couple of steps ahead, this way you’ll be ready to handle the real business talk.

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