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Tips to make your film reel look good

Your film reel. Its all about the first impression. How do you make yours good, if we’re talking film reel?

Obviously, hardly anyone would take a second chance to look at your reel, if you screwed up the first time.

Now, some say that a good film reel shows your personality through your video. Now, according to filmmakers, the following things are to keep in mind, while doing your film reel:

1. First chance, first impression. Make sure you open the reel with a clip that will grab the attention of the agent in charge of hiring. It depends on your taste of course, but it also depends on “who’s the judge”, as some agents or professionals watch a reel for 10 seconds, and then switch it off – they’re not impressed.

Make sure your reel is capturing. You should also keepĀ  in mind, that the agents dont need any short movies. They want to see how good you are, and this means – make your reel short and as close to the point as possible – this is where your experience level is being tested.

2. Don’t stick to just one genre. Show it all – action, horror, comedy, drama – whatever you got under your belt. This can tell the agent that you’re versatile enough to work in every genre. And, versatility can land a job, you know.

3. Short & Sweet. According to some sources, your reel running time should be no longer than 3 or 4 minutes. Logically, if the one who’s watching likes those 3 minutes, he/she will contact you later and ask for additional materials/footages. Think of it as a teaser to capture the audience.

4. Don’t just make a “cool” but “blank” reel. After all, this is the job opportunity you want, so make sure your name and contact information is there on the screen (you can even stick it at the end of your reel). And you better make sure, that the agent writes down your contact info. Be nice, don’t just stick your business card in his hand.

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