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Want to pitch your film idea to Hollywood? This might be your chance

This is something that I’ve stumbled upon, while cleaning up my overloaded email box.

It seems like an idea of pitching your story for a film to Hollywood just got easier. Or so it seems.

The thing is, guys at Scriptapalooza founded a website caled “I Got a Pitch“, which should be of some interesto to those willing to see their films get made.

“I Got a Pitch” was founded in 2012 with the mission of connecting the Hollywood outsider with the Hollywood elite.

The website created a format that allows a user to upload their video pitch where it will be viewed by the movie industry.

Consider yourself unlucky, if you don’t live in Hollywood, if you don’t have an agent, or good connections – then you can always use this website, and video pitch your idea. If you’re pitching, it would cost you as much as $30 per month. For the industry professionals, this service is free.

Thus far, the website has just under 60 film companies registered there, whose representatives are supposed to check your pitch out. If they like what they see – they contact you and you get to talk business.

There are “frequently asked questions” for both pitchers and industry professionals, so you can read it all before signing up.

In my personal view, this website really simplifies the process if you live far away and have no way of going to the U.S. and spend all your hard-earned money on searching for the right people and trying to pitch your idea. “I Got a Pitch” has no restrictions country-wise, and you can register from anywhere.

A downside here can be the fact that the officials working in the industry might not be as active as those trying to pitch their ideas through the website.

Nonetheless, if you can afford this kind of service financially, this might be an interesting option for idea pitching.

I would advice to wait up for a couple of months to see how the website will develop, since it was created only in 2012, and it is still too early to predict whether this service hits the jackpot or not.

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  2. To anyone who is intrested in a concept of a movie that has never been done in the history of cinema. This is not a pitch for a movie but how the movie should be done, the idea is a fantasy movie along the lines of the hobbit or lord of the rings, but the concept is how it is done, all i ask is for 10 minutes of your time to pitch my idea. I feel that this idea will generate a lot of money and will only pitch this concept in person. But to give you an idea, let me just say this: If you lived in a fantasy world where magic is prevalent. How would you do a play?

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