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Why getting degree in film or video is a bad idea


Deciding on a college major can be a tough task. It is important to do some research before taking action, as your “dream job” may not be popular or paying at all.

“Choose a major that lines up well with your current experience or in an area you are passionate about,” suggests David Bakke, a financial columnist at Money Crashers, an online resource for personal finance, education, and career advice.

He also urges students to think carefully about life after college.

“You might be searching for a job a bit longer if you choose a major in an industry that isn’t doing much hiring.”

This, unfortunately concerns film, video and photography.

A bachelor’s degree in film, video, or photography doesn’t necessarily mean a life of creative fulfillment and satisfaction. It’s a beautiful dream, but the reality might make you reconsider.

According to the Georgetown study, the unemployment rate for recent film, video, and photography arts graduates was 11.4 percent, Yahoo Education reported.

“This is mainly because employment opportunities for these majors are limited geographically to New York City and Los Angeles,” explains Bakke.

“Outside of the major entertainment centers in this country, there’s little demand for this major.” Worse, even if you do live in a major entertainment center, your chances of finding a job aren’t great, since there’s a great deal of competition in this industry, he says.

If you’re still not taking your mind off this profession, then Bakke suggests to find an internship (preferably a paid one) or volunteer at an appropriate organization while you’re still in school to start obtaining real-world experience.

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