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2 more ideas for films

I’ve decided to write two more ideas for films that had for some time now. Nothing fancy, but could have been entertaining for sure. I have yet to think of any titles, but some i’ve made some remarks on the ideas already. The two stories below are described very briefly. Lets see:

Story ONE is an action/thriller (possible title: Megapolis Hunt). We’re in New York. A young man, aged around 26-27 tries to become a police officer but gets rejected. He passes all the tests,except for one – he’s mentally unstable.

The man takes it as a disgrace to himself and his family, since memories of his late father keep coming back to him, when he was abused as a child, and his father always wanted his son to follow his steps (father was a hunter).

Since our young man has some mental problems as well (due to childhood abuse), and plus he got rejected, he decides to “prove” he’s worth something. So, what he does is he gets himself a sniper rifle, and goes out to kill innocent people, polishing his skills.

On the other side of the story we have three vietnam veterans in their 60s, two of which are homeless. They spend most of their time on the street, doing some odd jobs, thinking about their past, telling war stories, and living together in a small appartment.

When the killings start, and continue, one of the vets gets shot down by the merciless sniper. Since the police are unable to do anything, the remaning veterans decide to take justice into their own hands, and track the killer down using the only advantage they got – experience of survival.

PS: It would have been great to see Martin Kove and Tim Thomerson as the two remaining vets, as both actors are cult, and both served in Vietnam in real life. As for the killer, I somehow see his character be in ways similar to Antonio Banderas’ character in “Assassins” (1995).

Story TWO is a sci-fi. We’ve seen our share of modern “killer robot/cyborg” movies, and most of the time we do have a killer cyborg as antagonist, and a bunch of protagonists going up against him. Or, in one particular case – “Project Shadowchaser” and “Project Shadowchaser 2” series.

In both films (which are not connected to each other story wise) we have Frank Zagarino as the killer “albino cyborg” taking control of some facility (hospital, or secret research lab) with some help from his hired guns.

Then, its up to some people who “accidentally” end up in the same place, to prevent the terrorists from their evil plans become reality.

Now, in my opinion, it would have been interesting to see one cyborg trying to save his metal butt from a bunch of armed to the teeth men, something like in “Automatic” with Olivier Gruner, but slightly modified. For once, we could see a cyborg being a victim, and trying to survive.

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  1. Frank Zagarino played the good Cyborg who was on the run in the ‘Cy Warrior’. People were the ‘bad guys’ led by always terrific Henry Silva.

  2. Yep he did, but despite Silva’s presence in the film, overall it was a rather weak entry in the cyborg movie subgenre. Even “Hands of Steel” with Daniel Greene was done better. I do have a “cy warrior” copy though, am a Zag fan 🙂

  3. Being a die hard fan of both Sherrie Rose and Henry Silva I also own the copy and agree it was far from great but still better than most today’s low budget movies with crapy cgi. Frank Zagarino is quite cool actor. He should be used more.

  4. Agreed, Cy Warrior is at least fun to watch. As for Zagarino, he seems to have vanished shortly after he directed his own movie “Blood Rails” back in 2007. He’s still in great shape, according to some of his recent pictures, I am sure he could still do some action on screen.

  5. Hi, i am Zag fan too. Can you tell me something aboat movies such as Never Look Back, The Killing Point and Marcas da Paixão? I cant find them. I have his all movies.

  6. Alex, “Never Look Back” I suppose was either very poorly distributed, or wasn’t ever released at all – there’s only a trailer for the film floating online somewhere. Markas da Paixao is a TV-series shot in Brazil, I assume Zagarino had a very very tiny part in one of the episodes (who knows, maybe Frank was there on holidays, and they caught him on the beach or something, and begged for a small favor). Never seen it, and was never really interested in it, since obviously a forgettable thing. As for Killing Point, I am sure I’ve seen it somewhere, under another name, sadly cannot recall it right now.

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