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“BZFilm” receives a letter from the reader…

This is quite an interesting post. Not a review, not another photo gallery, or a b-movie trailer, but a letter from one of our readers, Aleem. And, since we love our readers as much as B-movies, why not try to answer the reader’s questions here?

So here we go…

Aleem: I’ve loved cinema all my life, and have over the last few years broadened what i watch to include so called b/z movies. I came across your website,and was pleased to find reviews of some of the movies i have watched lately. My question is, what actually defines a b-movie? Is it director, or actors used, or is it solely based on the amount of money used to make the film. I’ve noticed that most b-movies don’t have that polished look to them, that the big budget hollywood movies have, i presume it is from the more expensive cameras and editing software they use.

BZFilm: In fact, there’s always a different answer to “what really is a b-movie”, because it depends on who’s watching. For some people, who are only being fed what local cinemas are showing, every film which doesn’t include A-list hollywood stars – is a B-movie.

For others, such movie as, for example “Terminator” is also a B-movie, because the budget for the film wasn’t 50-60 millions of dollars. There are people who believe that true “b-movies” are those of “Plan 9 from Outer Space” and “Massacre in Dinosaur Valley” likes. We believe, that some made for theaters movies can also fall into “B” category – such as “Shark Night 3D” for example.

Another example is “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” – this is, by most standards, not a B-movie, yet it easily can be treated as one: if we skip the budget, some of the name actors (Lithgow, Franco), the story is a total B (ape grows some brains and some balls as well, and goes on to capturing the world), and people would still watch it. So, we stick to the opinion, that there’s no real definition, although as Aleem noted, Hollywood made movies do have a more professional, more solid look, because they’re being made for the masses.

Aleem: Also, are all the movies on your website b/z movies? I see a review for Shark Night 3D, and updates about Expendables 2. I would have thought these movies weren’t b movies at all. It seems to me they have had a lot of money thrown at them, and wouldn’t fall into that category.

BZFilm: We would be lying if we said its only B-movies that we watch all day. As for “Shark Night 3D”, the film really smells “B”, even though there was a budget. As for Expendables 2 – there’s only one reason for all these updates: CHUCK NORRIS. On the other hand, Expendables was just so much fun, and since we love action movies, we figure the second part would be just as much fun.

Besides, if to be completely honest, as “Expendables 2” includes a lot of stars, we cover Expendables 2 not for Stallone, Statham or Willis. It’s for Van Damme, Lundgren, Adkins, and Norris. If you think about it, they all had their share of “B” throughout their careers.

Aleem: Thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail, I hope you guys have time to reply. Well done by the way for a well thought out and easy to use website. Its always good to find a website like this, as most movie sites look like they’re run by a 12 year old at his dads work laptop! (No offense to 12 year olds). Take care and keep up the good work.

BZFilm: Your welcome, Aleem, thanks for “B”eing with us. We’re not great, but we got passion for this, and sometimes this is what pushes things forward. Thanks a lot for your letter! Remain as “BZ” and as positive as possible:)



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