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IDEA: “The Thing – sequel” – ideas for the third movie…

First we had a novel “Who Goes There”, published in 1938. Then we had a brilliant (and one of my personal favorites) – John Carpenter’s “The Thing” made in 1982, one of the best horror movies ever, with special effects that stand out even by today’s standards.

In 2011, Hollywood decided it was time for a remake…or a prequel, doesn’t matter. They made another “Thing” which technically is a prequel to the 1982 film, but really looks like a remake to me (you can read the review on it here). Anyway, We had novel – original (1951) – remake (1982) – prequel. Is it time to think about a sequel? Even if not, we can still dream a little…

First idea. Sequel, story takes place shortly after MacReady and Childs get rescued. They are taken to some military base, where one of them (Childs, maybe) turns in the thing, and starts replicating everyone. MacReady has to pair up with the remaining soldiers (or some cute female doc) to kill the thing and save the rest of the people at the base. Others do not trust MacReady, as he behaves strange (which is up to the viewer to decide why), and they suspect him being another replica of the thing.

Second idea. Same as the first idea – story takes place shortly after MacReady and Childs get rescued. They are taken to some military base, where one of them (Childs, maybe) turns in the thing, and starts replicating everyone. In the middle of all this chaos, MacReady, who once again, has to battle the thing pairs up with Kate Lloyd, who got saved too, and ended up at the same base. So, in this idea, the leads from both “Things” are paired up to battle the ultimate, shape-changing enemy.

Third idea. Story takes place in our time, decades later, where scientists are conducting experiments in a secret research lab. The research is being funded by a private source (maybe a millionaire or something), and the rest Hollywood can figure out themselves. The point of this idea – get the Thing out of the isolated area (remote antarctic lab) and put it into the “urban jungles” so to speak, and see how people would have to fight it then.

Fourth idea. Not really an idea, but a few more thoughts on The Thing itself – it would have been interesting, in my opinion, to see/show how the thing mates, or behaves differently, in other words – to somehow expand this creature, to make it multi-dimentional (not just replicate and kill). And also, it would have been cool to see how a mutated/replicated thing behaves (the half human – half thing creature), what it does, how it sees real humans, how it looks at the surrounding environment, etc. The real “shapeless” thing concept should be kept, but the replicated mutant thing should be exploited more.

If you have any other ideas on how the third possible “Thing” movie should be made, feel free to put it all in the comments.

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  1. how about Soviets???

    Who goes there was based around Cold War Paranoia, why not inject alittle of that into the mix


    Carter mentioned, just before he was bbq’d, that there was a Russian base close by,
    why not have them be a research base, which is a front for a soviet spy station.

    what if, the reason the radio’s were not working in the first 2 movies was not due to the Weather, but rather the Soviets were intentionilly jamming the signals, to limit communication

    Because in the prequel when the Snowcat breaks through the ice at the preface, the Soviets also hear the Distress/Warning Signal comming from the Craft.

    They conduct covert Survalance on the Norweigan Dig site and bide there time.

    then of course the events of the Movies play out and the Soviets move in, wanting to exploit the Tech they can salvage from the Ship and also the Biological Warfare advantages the Thing presents cannot be ignored (Alien…anyone?).

    Kate is recovered First and Confined,

    A Badly frostbitten Mac and Childs are stumbled upon later, and we go from there.

    the Thing in Carters Crashed Chopper could have survived and serve as the Antagonist this time round.

    throw into the Mix an undercover American Spy who has been working within the Soviet/Russian base and you have a healtly Dose of Paranoia and Distrust all round.

    Call the Sequel “the Thing” . . . just because…thats what the other two movies are called….it wont anyone….Swear!!!

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. Dave, I think it would have been wiser to use “Russians” maybe, instead of Soviets, since if the sequel is set in present times, there’s no Soviet Union. And I like the “thing in Carter’s chopper survived” idea, this could have been used.

  3. yeah, if its set present Day,

    But if they choose to use 1982….

    the Chopper Crash Thing is the only one left that we Know about…Unless either Mac or Childs are also things

  4. Russian/Soviet Camp!

    That is all.

  5. The ideas are really under developed and not surprising really. I think the leads from previous movies should not be used (but maybe referenced). Your ideas regarding the thing itself dont work: ‘how it mates’ it is a viral micro organism. infecting and replicating IS how it mates. its behaviour when not imitating is mindless and instinctual, when its imitating intelligent beings the intelligence is imitated (from the neural connections).

    There is no human/thing hybrid etc, just the thing imitating a human, and they wont even know they are a thing unless they remember dying in an attack or being infected in a wound.

    What would be interesting is seeing everything from the infectees point of view, with the instinct for preservation, he/she might believe he/she can control it until some sort of cure can be found, only to discover horrifically that he/she cant and that he/she in their effort to stay hidden as human to avoid being burnt alive only allowed the real humans to get close enough to get infected (maybe someone they really care about).

  6. Well, the ideas are just that – ideas, they are undeveloped since I am not in the middle of making another “Thing” movie:) Just expressing my personal thoughts:)

    As far as ideas on the thing not working – you’re saying, it’s a micro organizm that infects, replicates and its behavior is mindless and instinctual, bot I suppose you state all that based on what you saw in the original film. I was thinking about making “the thing” less primal, by expanding its functions.

    Since in the prequel we see (as far as I remember) the Thing as a creature that the Norwegians find, and they also find that space ship, it means the thing is not really that mindless. Creatures from outer space just don’t fall to earth in their spaceships. Another idea, in my opinion, would have been to have a child get replicated. Original and prequel did not have that one.

  7. The Thing the norwegians find had already infected and imitated the space ships crew, that was stated by the director many times, and so the thing didnt build the saucer, the aliens it was imitating did. It was stated long ago that the ship contained samples of life forms from many planets,and one of those samples was the thing, which infected the crew.

  8. On the subject of my statements regarding the nature of the thing, in both movies (1982, 2011) its a virus. It doesnt need expanded functions, its already the most lethal apocalyptic alien virus ever encountered, and its mindlessness makes it simply more terrifying as it exists purely to spread and replicate. You cant reason with it, it doesnt understand reason, or empathy or guilt. It just attacks and infects, hopping from life form to life form, settlement to settlement, continent to continent, planet to planet using its victims as transport. Like real viruses do.

  9. The thing CLEARLY isn’t a mindless creature. It constantly showed intelligence through deception.

  10. I agree on the whole story takes place shortly after MacReady and Childs gets rescued and are taken to some military base, maybe the russian one from the prequel, but I think both MacReady and Childs turns in the thing, giving the chance to see how the things works and hunt with one another as it has not been shown in any of the movies, also a new hero maybe a tough as nails sgt who has to battle the thing pairs up with Kate Lloyd, who got saved too, and ended up at the same base. So leads on into a horror/action do to the soldiers and soon to be multiple things fighting it out in an all out war.

    Basically I kinda view it with the difference like Alien with Aliens. After the ultimate showdown showing the true form of the thing (Due too having the necessary organic material it didn’t have in the first movies aka humans) where our hero sgt takes it down with his dieing breath with napalm or c4 or something flashy, Kate Lloyd surviving once again gets rescued by some shady Gov types who upon executing the remaining soldiers or scientists who they deem not important to keep alive (you know, no witnesses) confiscate the only living remaining cell of the thing for future studies.

    SO what do you guys think?

  11. These ideas are too expected, a proper Thing sequel should up the ante, much like Aliens did to Alien.

    MacReady should barely survive and be taken to intensive care, while he’s recovering, Childs should be dead and his corpse should thaw and make it’s way to a major metropolis with minimal incident. Maybe taking a few people with him.

    After recovering and no one taking him seriously, MacReady should make his way to the city expecting to see the Thing going crazy and killing everyone, only to find it’s fully integrated with people going about their business. The challenge for the movie would be finding out just how many people are infected and stopping them before it’s too late.

    Maybe the final battle could be some mega creature of massive size that’s living in the sewer or in an office building or bank vault (epic scale) and emerges while all the people who are infected run towards it and keep adding to it’s mass. Think Tetsuo in the AKIRA finale.

  12. I only recently watched both of the films (though I had watched the prequel first instead of the original) and a sequel is needed. I couldn’t have imagined watching the original all them years ago and not find out what actually happened to Mac and Childs. Plus I want Kate to still be alive.

    Maybe Kate does actually make it to a base in her Snowcat where Mac and Childs had also survived and then they make it back to America or something. Then maybe the thing is traced back with her through Childs or perhaps another character also making their way back with them (the thing from the helicopter crash manages to survive the conditions and makes it to the base but manages to remain undetectable) and she goes back to the lab where she was at the very beginning. Kate then takes Mac and Childs with her to show a more in depth study of The Thing as they want answers,

    People within the lab then find out about what had actually happened in Antarctica and then shut down and isolate the whole building to ensure that no one escapes with that information. Mac could then notice that Childs no longer has an ear ring in (it was clear that by the end of the first film he wasn’t a mutant because they cant imitate metal) making him a start of the thing. Kate and Mac have to then have to kill the thing as well as fending off the people who want her dead because of the information she has. During the course of this an un-usual course of extremely cold weather starts to hit giving The Thing incentive to escape in to the cold weather.

    Or only Mac survived and then has to live with the conditions of what he experienced which turns him mad as he starts to see things that may or may not be real.

  13. All comments are good. Let’s go a little deeper. (sequel startup) It’s a intergalatic virus unlike anyone on earth has came across. the space ship was an alien ship that acquired the virus and was heading back to it’s own solar system to destroy the virus when “something” happened that allowed the virus to escape within the ship thereby killing the original aliens. As the “thing” exits the crashed ship, an automatic beacon comes on (see where I’m going), the thing tries to walk through the snow and freezes. (short images of prequel and 2nd movie appear).

    Scene opens with helicopters coming to get Kate then fast-forward to another scene with helicopters coming to get Mac. Fast forward to present day (technology and science improved since 1982). Movie writers fill in the blanks here. Also include how the signal from the crashed ship makes it way to the alien life form and they dispatch another ship to investigate knowing how viral the virus is, they watch earth for all of these years (kinda like making sure the virus doesn’t awake and mutate to kill earth or they would have to destroy the planet to save the solar system). Movie writers fill in the blanks here.

    Also include the US, Europe, China, ….ok the Russians (they have been observing since day one) come together to attempt to exploit the technology advances of the ship but China doesn’t like sharing and (Oops) releases the virus and the virus gets out of control because they moved it to a warmer region. The aliens are monitoring and they reveal themselves because with their superior mind they have calculated humans are doomed within 90 days and now this virus will be a planet of virus with technology looking to expand. The aliens help earth kill the virus. Movie writers fill in here.

  14. new one. chopper flies in on childs and mcreadys frozen courpses subtitle says 1982. samples are taken site is bombed. they show the samples going into cryo storage.

    subtitle reads present day. a storm knocks out power to cryo storage and a tech goes in to retreve samples and breaks a vial and cuts him/her self. present day THING!

    i want it to invade a more populated area. big fan of orig JC film. got and mastered the xbox game. and own orig dvd and the 2012 blu ray dvd combo and dig copy on pc.

  15. Both the 82′ J. Carpenter & the Prequel were amazing. The Original was a cult classic & the prequel would become too because it is obvious from your comments that you all want Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character Kate Lloyd to return. The reason a prequel was made is because the original needed it & not a remake. That same reason goes to both films. A movie sequel that tells a story of what happens after the events of the previous films. According to the information from your comments, these is what we know so far.
    Mac, Child & Kate survive their expedition.
    There is a nearby scientific research expedition in a russian military base.
    The Thing is actually a virus that killed the aliens of the spaceship.
    What we want to see is Kate to be much stronger & etc but to me, although her character was based on Alien’s Ripley, She is a more of a Scientist than a badass. Her character could be much more unique than what we’ve seen in badass female protagonists. We also want to see her join forces with Mac & Child. M. E. Winstead already acted in the same screen with K. Russel in Sky High so the chemistry is already there. What we need is another character that would be another protagonist to expand the stroyline much further.
    Alot of you want to see how the Thing would be more terrifying in a crowded human populated place like obviously, New York City. For me,that isn’t necessary but could be the new set for a third sequel, making the series into 4, but let’s focus on the 2nd sequel.
    So here is how the story goes so far, the leading protagonists were saved & confined in the russian military base & since they are americans, they are not to be trusted. The 4th protagonist I mentioned earlier is to be russian so that the movie won’t be just about these 3 americans. The russian expedition believe every word of the survivors & ofcourse the military doesn’t. The American Government were contacted & snet a rescue chopper to retrieve the americans with the documents. Ofcourse that too would be a problem.
    The Final battle in the end of this movie would involve Kate against the Things in a different site of another alien ship. Here is the surprise,She would be helped by anunexpected visitor, a surviving alien that explains (more like point & nod) to her the details of the Things. Similar to Predators (2011).

  16. i believe the second idea would make for an interesting story line even if they made it based on the game itself for ps 2 or x box would make for a good movie i hate when they leave movies open but dont provide closure

  17. Regardless to all these great ideas for a THING sequel, it’s a given that Mary-Elizabeth Winstead would return as Kate Lloyd but who would play R.J. MacReady & Childs because certainly this being 30 years since the 1982 John Carpenter film, neither Kurt Russell nor Keith David could reprise their roles to make it seem true to the 1982 plot year… they’re just simply too old, so who do you think would make a good Mac and who would make a good Childs, I’m very curious about this and as to Tony Drake’s plot ideas mashed from the others I truly believe that it would be another cult hit and a worthy sequel to the 1982 & 2011 movies, but I would like to know what you guys think about the actors who should play these two said characters?

  18. I have an idea for a great sequel! Have it that kate makes it to the russian compound who is then inprisoned. She gets put into a cell with a badly frostbitten (to explain the ageing) macready and childs, who was rescued as windows message finally got to the russian base. The three breakout their cells and try to make it to a chopper. They are recaptured and questioned.

    Then the russians go investigate the norwegian compound and the investigation team become the thing (perhaps one of the things survived). return to the base and start killing everyone.

    The three americans fight the thing and then childs sacrifices his life to blow up the thing along with the compound. Kate and Macredey then walk out into the distance. (OH and have john carpenter come back to direct it!)

  19. I been saying it since 1995 there should have been a part2 then they came out with the game in like 98 that was an awesome game!! But no part 2 to the game they need it then they made the movie in 2011 it was good but I’m a big fan have the movies and posters toys the game I got them after I saw this one in theaters as I was leaving I told my wife the should make the 3rd were curt Russell meets with Kate so I like the Idea they read my mind I hope they make it

  20. The third installment will take place 24 hours later after John Carpenter’s THE THING.

    The rescue team lands on the United States Camp site and rescue Childs and R.J. MacReady. But, as the rescue team searches the grounds, they’ve find another sole survivor, Nauls.
    Yes, Nauls was the cook, and they never showed the audience how he died, or if he died. All we know of Nauls that he was in the generator room when he walked off from MacReady.
    I would have Nauls back in the third installment, but infected.
    However, Kate Lloyd (from the presequel) will be at the Military Base when MacReady, Childs and Nauls arrives. Nauls will infect the base including Childs. Kate will noticed that Childs arrived at base with a earring in his left ear, now it’s not there.
    Then, take the movie from there.

    Let me know what you think of this plot.

  21. Bringing back Nauls definitely sounds like an interesting idea. One way or another, it could have been used.

  22. Agreed! No one haven’t touch the case that Nauls could still be alive and infected. MacReady, Childs and Kate not infected. So you have to have someone infected back on the Military Base.

  23. mac and childs cant be alive there to old to play the parts and there to much of a main character .nauls and kate fit in perfectly. I also believe the thing prefers higher organisms over animals/sea creatures as they can sense something is not right and attacks it. here’s my idea for a movie.

    mac and childs is dead frozen to death. helicopter comes in to save them but only finds nauls alive. on the way back to the ship they find kate out of fuel in her snowcat. they pick her up and land on there ship. they head to a port in Argentina because of a large storm coming in . kate relies there’s something wrong as she sees rats jumping off the boat. nauls turns into the thing and starts killing the crew. kate fights for her life with a small band of people. they slowly die off one by one. they help her rig the ship to blow 1/2 mile off the coast of the port. she dives for her life off the ship into the water swimming for her life as the ship blows up in the background. cut scene’s to a shark eating a rat and being infected. the infected shark swims to shore sprouts legs and snatches a little boy on the beach alone. end movie with aminus music in the back ground. ending leaves a opening for the thing 4

  24. I love the idea of a sequel to the 1982 film but Kurt Russell would look to old if the action was supposed to take place right after he and Childs were stranded. If you use other actors to play them, that will destroy the feel of the film.

    The best way to approach a sequel is to have already established that either McReady and Chiles died or one or both of them lived and have a cameo (or full roles)appearance by them. I’m surprised that I haven’t heard any serious talk by film makers about a sequel.

    The film could take place in modern times. The Thing could have hybernated or just got frozen since 1982 and was rediscovered by a new scientific team in the arctic with Chiles and/or McReady giving “advice” ala “Aliens”.

  25. Update: I just read that Carpenter is interested in doing a “Thing 2” but he doesn’t believe Universal is interested in him directing it. He’s not happy about that. He said they’ll probably get some “hot shot” director to do it. What sounded awesome is that Carpenter said he has “one or two ideas” for sequel. If this is the case, the studio people are huge idiots (as usual). Carpenter said they didn’t “get it” the first time. Luckily we got a masterpiece.

    My opinion: do not have other actors play Mac and Childs. That will kill any true transitional ideas. Make the next film way into the future, maybe 200 years from now. Kate could have been frozen in some ice and future technology is able to safely dethaw her.

    I can’t see Mac or Childs fitting in with the time gaps but I hope I’m proven wrong.

  26. Heres my (yet unfinished) idea for a sequel (with some idea elements by previous posters) :

    The opening : Hours after the last scene in the 1982 film, MacReady and Childs are seen at a distance (played by doubles) being rescued by a russian crew (who had seen the smoke of the earlier explosions) and the two are taken to the nearby Russian base (mentioned in the ’82 film)….The Russians search Mac’s base (incompletely) and then abandon it….But the Thing also has survived…inside Nauls, which has also prevented Nauls from freezing or starving to death….

    After the Russians leave the burned-out base, Nauls emerges and methodically removes and buries all of the remaining dead bodies and visible evidence of the Thing….

    It is now 2014….32 years later. Mac is sitting at his pc, (again sipping a whiskey bottle) in a small rented apartment in Los Angeles, looking online at old 1983 newspaper reports of his arctic base having been found destroyed….of his and Child’s rescue….of the presumed death of the never-found Kate Lloyd from an earlier incident at the same site (from the 2011 film)….and of Mac having been labeled a “delusional psychotic” for his story of “aliens” after a later U.S. search team had found nothing of interest at the arctic site….

    Childs had feared from the time they were rescued that telling anyone about the events at the base would forever brand him to family and friends as a loon, as it had Mac….he had repeatedly urged Mac to “forget it…its over!”….

    But because Mac had persisted with his “wild” story to warn others, his wife and family finally abandoned him, and he lost his credentials and employment with the U.S. arctic research agency that had hired him. He was now nearly broke, and for 12 years…living alone. Now working as a struggling real estate agent, he arrives home to find a strange man waiting for him at his apartment door.

    The man tells Mac he is an associate of an ex-officer of the same U.S. arctic research agency, and that he is being requested to join a private expedition to the original arctic site, as an adviser….Mac is wary, but meets the leader of the expedition, who shows Mac a remnant of an apparent “craft of unknown technology” that had recently been discovered at the site. Mac agrees to go and soon finally convinces Childs to join them….

    Ive not yet finished the story, but the following events also happen :

    – The new team has earlier established a smaller tent base, and (unknown to Mac) one of the team has also brought a few insect and rodent species for arctic survival experiments.

    – The original spacecraft found by Mac (in the ’82 film) is discovered by the new team and found to have been, several years ago, re-configured by other aliens into something like a laboratory….

    – Nauls soon attacks and takes over the body of one of the team. The Thing also take over the bodies of some of the research insects and rodents, which quickly transform into large monstrous creatures….

    – The team discover what appears to be a locked cryogenic chamber, inside the large original alien spacecraft / laboratory….

    – Most of the team is suddenly attacked at their base and killed by 3 large Thing-transformed insects, which an injured Mac finally destroys with a flamethrower….

    – Childs rescues Mac with a flamethrower during an attack by a large Thing-transformed scorpion….

    – Nauls finally confronts Mac and tells him of the inevitable infection of the entire planet, explaining that the “Things” are an intelligent lifeform, and that it is necessary for “us” (Things) to “cleanse” Earth and other planets of “destructive lifeforms” by infection….

    – A visual flashback (described to Mac by Nauls) also reveals that the later-arrived aliens had found the nearly-dead Kate Lloyd and had revived and healed her, but soonafter froze her in a cryogenic chamber, kept alive as a specimen to transport back to their world….Nauls (the Thing) soon attacks and kills all the aliens except one, who quickly escapes from the Earth in their smaller spacecraft….but Nauls was unable to get to Kate, still in the locked cryo-chamber.

    – Mac later finds the cryo-chamber, blasts it open and releases Kate from the ice and revives her….she soon tells Mac that the aliens can apparently also understand some Earth languages, and that she had tried to warn them of the Thing….

    – Childs sacrifices himself to rescue Mack and Kate from an attacking giant Thing-mutated polar bear….both Childs and the Thing suddenly crash downward thru the ice into the water….

    – At the end of the story, Mac and Kate, meeting up in Los Angeles, suddenly see a news report on a store window tv, showing an arctic helicopter rescue of a nearly-drowned Childs !….but, is he now….infected ?

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