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Story of the midget war drummer: Pinocchio sequel in the works…

Wow, someone is either really running out of ideas, or is too lazy to do some research.

Reportedly, 20th Century Fox has picked up the rights to “The Three Misfortunes of Geppetto”. And Geppetto (or Giuseppe) is that very old carpenter who creates Pinocchio, crafts him to be exact.

Pinocchio seems to have the same old dreams of becoming a living creature, but according to the news, the story of the new picture will take a different direction. A direction back, to be exact, since the early script aims to explore Pinocchio’s life before “all the wood appeared”.

Right now, all we know is that the story will follow Geppetto’s struggle with misfortune, war and misadventures, all for the love of some woman named Julia Moon. Okay, this sounds really cool, but do they even know the story about “real pinocchio”?
World welcomes Pinocchio

I stumbled on it some time ago, and even wrote a post on it on my personal blog. The story was found by me in russian (yes, this might be a joke, and might not), and I did my best to find the same article in English, but failed. Anyway, in short, there really was a guy named Pinocchio. His real name was Pinocchio Sanchez, and he was a midget.

Archaeologists reportedly found this guy’s grave in a small village in Italy, and although hesitated at first, they got the permission to open the grave…and found a body of a midget there, who had prosthesis instead of hands and legs, and also a wooden insert instead of nose.

Fate of the war drummer

Next – the archives revealed that such person really did live (in the same place as Carlo Collodi, who wrote the original “Pinocchio”). Pinocchio Sanchez was born in 1760, and he entered the army at the age of 18. He served as a drummer there, and reportedly spent about 15 years (!) there. And those 15 years at war took away his legs, his hands, and partially his nose, so he returned home as a complete cripple.

Soon, Pinocchio got acquainted with a local doctor, called Carlo Bestuldci, who was a devil, according to some villagers. Bestuldci turned out to be a real magician – he constructed special prosthetics for Pinocchio, and gave him wooden hands, legs, and even an insert for his amputated nose. This was the chance, Pinocchio was given.

The “wooden kid” gets his second chance, and turns into a fairy tale…

After that, former war drummer joined the local theater, and worked there for some time. Since he was small, and had wooden limbs, he was a “fun to watch”. He became a local celebrity, however the theater not only became his new life, but ultimately his death – performing a deadly trick, Pinocchio fell down, and smashed his head – something even magician Bestuldci couldn’t fix. And, after his passing, Pinoccio was buried on the cemetery. Sometime later, then unknown, poor writer Carlo Collodi, remembered an unhappy man by the name of Pinocchio, and that’s how the fairy tale was born.

Now, even if this story is a complete hoax, this could still be turned into a movie. Personally, I did feel sorry for this guy, even if he never existed…

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