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“Street Fighters” – first ever movie about stray animals shot in Azerbaijan

Finally. 2 days ago I finally finished editing my first film, entitled “The Street Fighters”. No, it has nothing to do with the world popular computer fighting game, and no similarities with Jean Claude Van Damme’s movie “Street Fighter” either.

Its a documentary, about the life of homeless animals in Azerbaijan. Supposedly, this is the first film of its kind, and i am very proud of this work.

I’ve spent approximately 2 months shooting, then was the voice over thing, the soundtracks, the editing.

Yes, no one was helping out, and I had to do everything on my own. The film has an amateurish look, since I was shooting with a simple camcorder, yet it could have been a lot worse.

In the film, I portray these homeless animals as “fighters”, because thats who they are – every day can be their last. They have to fight for food, their family and other things we people sometimes dont even see. Film also includes short interviews from me, some other animal lovers, and Head of Azerbaijani Animal Protection Alliance.

The film is already online, and you can watch it here:

Sadly, its only in russian, but I still decided to make this post, since it is the biggest “creation” I’ve had so far. Looking forward to my new project. This one promises to be educating, and totally different.

Story of the film: I’ve been a diehard movie fan for as long as I can remember, and one day, of course, an idea of doing something myself came to mind. So, I started working on it.

First ever “film” that I wanted to make never took off, and it all stayed on the paper. 2nd try was a little better – we (me and some people, who were interested) managed to shoot some scenes.

Then it all stopped, since we were out of sources. I was stubborn enough to go on, and a week ago I did finish my first film, which I called “The Street Fighters”. It’s a first of its kind documentary film about the life of homeless animals in Azerbaijan. I shot it in russian, since it was intended for domestic spread.


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