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The untitled Stallone-Schwarzenegger film project

Personally, I am very glad to see that both Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger towards the ends of their careers (sadly, but true) were finally able to overcome their egos, and start working together on joint film projects.

First such project, if I recall, was the 1997 John Woo film “Face Off”, with Sly and Arnold as the two leads.

Then for some reasons the project got cancelled, and Cage-Travolta duo came on board, substituting Arnold and Sly.

Now in 2010, Schwarzenegger (still being the Governor of California) agreed (for free I assume) to appear in Stallone’s action blockbuster “The Expendables”.

He did, and according to the reaction of the fans – they wanted more. And “more” did come soon enough.

First Arnold will appear in a much bigger part in “Expendables” sequel, which is to be shown in the theaters in August. Then, he and Stallone will team up once again for the project entitled “The Tomb”, where Stallone plays a security specialist, while Arnie is the convict.

When I first read this news, I recalled an idea that I had some time ago, long before fist “Expendables” film was released. At that time I was thinking of a film project, where Arnold and Sly could join forces. And the thing is – the idea did come up to me

I’ll say in advance, that this idea of mine is somewhat similar to “The Tomb” project, but only in terms of action taking place behind prison walls. Since Sly and Arnold are to work on “The Tomb”, I believe there’s no point for me to keep this idea of mine hidden anymore, so I’ll write it down here, in brief.

I envisioned this untitled film idea as an action comedy, where both Sly and Arnold would perfectly fit.

The idea I had was about some youngster (think young Rob Schneider), who gets thrown in prison on some fake charges. In the prison he quickly realizes that the whole area belongs to two respected elder convicts. Those are of course Stallone, and Schwarzenegger.

While Stallone’s character is busy teaching other inmates how to box (yes, Rocky reference there), Arnold’s character, a former bodybuilder, relies more on brute strength, and urges other inmates to lift weights rather than box.

Both characters have deep respect towards each other, but they’re rivals (just like Sly and Arnold were in real life, earlier in their careers)

Somewhere along the way, they learn that the youngster plans to escape, and that he’s got a big sum of money hidden somewhere.

Both Stallone’s and Schwarzenegger’s characters decide to join forces, to help the young bastard escape, and join him, to later find and split the money.


Who knows, maybe in another 2-3 years or so, this idea, or something similar to it, will be considered by a major film studio, and two of the biggest action icons of our time will once again work together.

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