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Thoughts on 2012 Oscars Ceremony…

Yesterday I had another one of those nights, when your internet connection sucks, and you cannot do anything about it.

What do you do in this case? Why not watch the 84th annual Academy Awards? Well, that’s what I did. And below are some of my thoughts regarding “the show” that I sat down to spend two and a half hours on…

First of all, I want to notice that usually – I hate Oscars. The movies that are being presented there are not the ones I usually like to watch (there are exceptions of course, as I did enjoy watching “Warrior”), and definitely not the ones I’d like to write about on “BZFilm”. Nonetheless, for once I’ve decided to watch an Oscars ceremony from start to finish.

Billy Crystal, with each Oscars becomes less and less funny. I somehow believe he was picked to host this 84th ceremony because he’s “reliable”. As for his jokes, only about 20 percent of them were funny, and his intro was absolutely terrible, childish and distasteful.

I was glad to see Nick Nolte there, as well as Max Von Sudow (the man simply doesn’t age!), Michael Douglas (looks rather bad, but the talent still shows), Morgan Freeman (seeing him made me sad for some reason).

I didn’t care much for Meryl Streep winning an Oscar for “Iron Lady”, although I respect her achievements in the industry.

Iran had a surprising win with the “Best Foreign Language Film”, and the audience in the hall accepted it with real applause.

I wonder, why Oscar has been going blue for the past couple of annual ceremonies? Last time it was Sean Penn winning an Oscar for portraying gay politician Harvey Milk. This year’s ceremony had Christopher Plummer win a Supporting Actor award (at 82!) for playing an old gay.

And, did I mention that during the intro, George Clooney gives a french kiss to Billy Crystal? Come on! I ain’t got nothing against sexual minorities, as long as they do not harrass me directly, but in my opinion, Oscars did not need this. Anyway, moving on.

Uggie was adorable! For those of you who don’t know – Uggie is a dog, who was in the silent movie “The Artist”, which by the way scored big time at the Oscars, getting high honors for “Best Picture” and “Best Leading Actor”. No, the best actor award did not go to Uggie (which would have been interesting).

There was also a short 3-4 minute tribute to the deceased celebrities, and some people shouldn’t have been listed there I think, such as Steve Jobs and Whitney Houston. Yes, they are both terribly missed, and they were fantastic, but why hail them at the Oscars?

Anyway, I once again was convinced that this whole “Academy Award” is nothing but a puppet show, where cinema’s biggest and richest stars come to sit around for a few hours, clap their hands, impatiently awaiting for the banquet, and get their Oscar figures.

Boring, repetitive, and….well… I didn’t like it. Will still watch “The Artist” and a few others mentioned at the ceremony though.

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  1. I have just watched the Billy Cristal’s opening monolouge of 2012 Oscars on the and indeed I can tell that he seems to be a confident and reliable host; hopefully they will find someone younger and as energetic as Billy next year. Maby Conan O Brien ?

  2. Whitney Houston at least was in a few movies, including her lead part in ‘The Bodyguard’ . Why the hell they mentioned Jobs is beyond me. Were they counting on some free ipads? LOL

  3. Wow, seriously Steve Jobs had a massive part in forming Pixar, one of cinemas leading studios which is why he was in that slideshow, and Whitney Houston was also an actress which is why she was in the slideshow..and you spelled her name wrong…

  4. Yes, I did, my bad. Thanks for pointing it out. Also corrected your comment, where you wrote “steve jobs” in small letters:)

  5. “such as Steve Jobs and Whitney Houston. Yes, they are both terribly missed, and they were fantastic, but why hail them at the Oscars?”

    You realize the Academy was honoring … Editors, executives, producers, directors, etc. It’s a collaborative medium. That’s just downright disrespectful.

  6. I can agree that they were honoring executives, editors producers etc, aside from actors. However, I would disagree that its disrespectful. I specifically noted that I don’t have to like them, but I do respect them both. In my personal opinion, since Oscars is such a big event, the organizers just decided to add Jobs and Houston in there. Because if they did not…someone later would cry about them “not being rightfully mentioned at the ceremony”. In this case of course, since they were mentioned, I am the guy who although respects them, believes they could have easily been skipped.

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