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Undisputed 4: film ideas and development

I’ve been a fan of martial arts movies for as long as I can remember.

I cannot claim I dig the old 70s chinese Kung-Fu movies a lot (there are exceptions in the face of a few Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Bolo Yeung movies), however martial arts films, even bad ones, are the ones that are most entertaining.

The guys I used to love watching most were Jeff Wincott, Matthias Hues, Loren Avedon, Lorenzo Lamas, Billy Blanks, Roddy Piper (technically not a martial artist, but a personal favorite), but since they’re all mostly out of the scene right now, thank God today we have Michael Jai White, Scott Adkins and a few others.

Speaking of Scott Adkins – the man is definitely one of the most talented, agile and good looking martial artists in movies that I’ve seen. “Undisputed 2” and “Undisputed 3” proved that.

Now, there have been talks about “Undisputed 4” coming soon, however from what I’ve been able to find, its safe to say that nothing has been confirmed yet, there’s no script or story. Scott Adkins himself right now is busy doing other projects, yet he seems to be interested in becoming Yuri Boyka one more time.

Somehow, I feel that if “Undisputed 4” will be made, Isaac Florentine will be put in director’s chair again, which is good, since being a martial artist himself, he knows exactly how to deliver action on screen.

In Undisputed 2, Yuri Boyka gets his knee broken by Michael Jai White, and the self-proclaimed “best fighter in the world” becomes a limping nobody, who’s cleaning toilets (entering “Undisputed 3”).

Towards the end of “Undisputed 3”, still limping Boyka “improvises, adapts and overcomes” another great fighter (Marko Dolor), and gains something he hasn’t seen for a long long time – freedom.

The last time we see Boyka, he’s in Georgia, running down the road, smiling (!), with a suitcase full of money in his hands. There was definitely a plance left for “Undisputed 4”, and that’s what we’re going to talk about here.

Below are some of my personal ideas that I have for the next “Undisputed” film, which I very much hope will be made with Boyka as the leading character again, and Isaac Florentine directing.

IDEAS (just random ones)

– Why not “get” Boyka out of the prison cells? He’s been there for the past two films, finally escaping to freedom in “Undisputed 3”. A nice change would  be seeing Boyka outside of the prison ring, with just as much action. Just different environment.

– I believe it is time for Boyka (Adkins) to meet a female. Throughout “Undisputed 2” and “Undisputed 3” we see a hardened, ruthless convicted murderer going through the most brutal fights ever, and nothing much else.

In “Undisputed 3” it gets better – Boyka smiles, he helps a fellow fighter, and there’s even a dialogue about “children and family”. In “Undisputed 4” I believe it is time for Boyka to meet a woman, who he can care about (or at least try to). This of course would probably be a background for the main storyline, yet something refreshing.

– Another possible storyline (which is dead cliche, but could still work) is to have Boyka meet some fighting manager, who would convince “the best fighter in the world” to train for MMA, where he will face off some of the toughest mixed martial arts fighters (Fedor Emelianenko or Brock Lesnar, anyone?).

– “The most complete fighter in the world” could be exploited… for example as Boyka encounters some old fart that shows Boyka his weak points as a fighter (would be interesting to see what those are…maybe ground game?), and for the first time, we would see Boyka becoming sort of a student, who learns a few new moves, to become truly a complete fighter and overcome his biggest challenge yet.

– Personally, I am tired of seeing Boyka with that goatee. I got nothing against it, but it would have been nice to see “the most complete fighter in the world” have a full beard (yeah, Chuck Norris like). This could make him look more mature (keep the bad-ass haircut though)… (scenes of Boyka getting rid of some of his tattoos could also be inserted in the film).

– If Isaac Florentine would be directing the 4th part, I hope he picks up a good villain. Marko Zaror (main villain in “Undisputed 3”) was a “hidden gem” so to speak, one hell of a fighter that sadly got his leg broken by Boyka. Ray Park comes to mind as a good option for a villain – the man is just as agile and skilled as Adkins, and he could use a good martial arts project.

– This might sound awful, but I can picture a book titled “most complete fighter in the world. by Yuri Boyka”… filled with Boyka’s experiences in these numerous prison tournaments and such. I don’t know how this could be used in a script, Boyka doesn’t seem to be old enough to be writing memoirs.

– If following the end of “Undisputed 3”, Boyka should be in Georgia, without any passport, just a suitcase with money. I wonder how they’re going to continue storyline from there. Somehow I feel this moment is going to be skipped.

– I hope Florentine (or whoever directs the 4th part) will have a slightly bigger budget, since Dolor’s (Marko Zaror) CGI leg being broken by Boyka wasn’t done smooth.

Thankfully, it was the only idiotic moment in the whole film (sorry, another one was when Turbo is locked up and cries about not being able to take a dump). With a bigger budget, such CGI moments could have been excluded from the film.

If you have some ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below. Scott Adkins has created a Facebook page for “Undisputed 4”,which you can join to follow the latest news about the project.

The 43,000 plus fan page was created to boost interest for the possible film, and encourage producers to take some action. You can view and join it here.

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  1. I would like to see how he became Boyka the undisputed in Undisputed 4

  2. I somehow feel Scott Adkins (if he would reprise his part) would not look believable, if the franchise takes a step back, presenting Boyka’s earlier life, before he ended up in prison and became a champion.

    In my opinion, the series are on the right track, and we could really use a change of scenery, to finally see Boyka outside of the prison walls, as a free man, yet still in some kind of trouble, as usual.

  3. Matt Mullins should be in this film as a villain

  4. were is the film

  5. The film has not been released yet, in fact it has not even been made yet. Its all talks for now, yet a lot of fans of the previous parts really hope Isaac Florentine and Scott Adkins will unite for another film in “Undisputed” series. We hope too.

  6. scott andkins the best in world

  7. he should face george the iceman chambers in undisputed 4 like a rematch

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