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We now have “Film quiz” available! Test your knowledge, and have some fun along the way!

We’ve decided to open up “Film Quiz” here at BZFilm. People get tired of reading reviews, looking through pictures and trailers all the time.

So, now we will be releasing new quizzes related to films, and you can check all of them ON THIS PAGE.

How to use it: Very simple. You select the quiz you want, and click on the link. Next up – you are on the quiz page, and you can begin testing yourself. You can select only one answer from the available ones.

If your answer is right – you’ll see “green icon“, if not – you’ll see “red icon“. You can select your answer only once. And so on, till you finish all the questions on the selected quiz. When you’re all done, there will your score details at the end of the quiz.

If you would like to contribute to our quizzes, you can compile, and send us your quizzes, and if they’re good, we will put them up. To send us a quiz, simply contact us here.

So, don’t waste any more time, and go test yourselves with our quizzes here. So far, we’ve got “action flicks of the 90s” quiz, and “martial arts” quiz ready.

As the times goes on, we will add more quizzes, and you know why? Because we love movies, just like you.

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