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Will “Expendables 3” repeat the same mistake of the first two movies?

It is obvious that the franchise is not yet over, and there will be another film about the “Expendables”, which seem far from being really expendable.

Speaking of the sequel, “Expendables 2” did good at the box office, last week the action sequel co-starring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Arnold Schwarzenegger is running in each market well ahead of 2010’s Expendables, which grossed a total of $171.4 million on the foreign circuit, according to Universal.

A final gross of around $75 million seems likely, meaning that it’s going to fall short of the original film’s $103 million domestic gross. International numbers are strong, so there’s a good chance we could see The “Expendables 3”.

So, speaking of “Expendables 3”, there have been a lot of rumors about who will and will not be appearing in the third film of the franchise.


Chuck Norris will not be back for sure – he said so himself, and we believe him. Jean-Claude Van Damme has been making statements, discussing a possibility of him playing his character’s brother in “EX3”, but nothing certain, nothing official.

There have also been quite some names thrown into the bucket, of who should be a part of the Expendables: Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, Nicholas Cage, Liam Neeson, and so on.

There are of course certain reasons why a particular star should or should not be in “Expendables 3”, regardless of what fans say both online and offline. Some of them are explained below.

Mel Gibson – being quite a versatile actor, Gibson has proved throughout his career that he can do action (Lethal Weapon, Mad Max), comedy (What Women Want), thrillers (Payback), and be as attractive as ever. As an actor he would fit into “Expendables”, yet casting him might push the budget of the film higher – something the producers might not be willing to do.

Clint Eastwood – I believe Eastwood, who is over 80, would not be interested in doing “Expendables 3”, as this would be considered a step down for him. Clint has switched to more serious films since his long-gone “Dirty Harry” days. His appearance would be regarded as a joke by many viewers, so I would not count on him.

Nicholas Cage – has never quite been an action hero, and at this point in his career, Cage doesn’t look like an action hero at all. If the producers can get him for cheap, he would be best for a “suit role”, however part in the “Expendables 3” would hardly give his career a boost, since Cage will be almost certainly overshadowed by the leading expendables characters.

Liam Neeson – Putting aside the fact that I simply like Neeson, he also has never really been considered an action hero, yet “Taken” has proved, that the man is capable of doing action, and keeping the viewers in their seats. This alone might be tempting enough to offer him a part in the Expendables, which probably will be very screen time-limited.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – this is one of the people that the “Expendables” franchise desperately needs. Johnson is famous enough to put his name on the cover, he’s able to do action, and would fit in just great among the rest of the action men. Producers should think about offering Johnson a villain’s role, thus satisfying the fans who claim Terry Crews and Randy Couture weren’t getting enough of action. Imagine Johnson going up against Crews and Couture – if done right, this would be ten times better than Stallone making us believe he can beat Steve Austin.

Gina Carano – another possible addition to the Expendables franchise would be this wonder woman, an ex MMA fighter. Carano can fight and look sexy doing it, and her look makes her the perfect female villain for “Expendables 3”. She would probably fit into the next film’s budget, however casting her would mean good investing – spending less, and getting all the needed action.

Steven Seagal – if good old Steve changes his attitude just a little, he might get some of what Van Damme has been getting after the production of “Expendables 2” was completed. Meaning lots of interviews, talk-shows, theaters, and so on. Although I doubt that Seagal would look anywhere near as good as Jason Statham or even Stallone for example, he could still fit into a role similar to Chuck Norris’ in “Expendables 2”.

Michael Jai White – one of the very few real martial artists out there, who can be equally good in low-budget martial arts flicks, dramas, comedies and thrillers. White in fact is an uncut diamond that the producers do not see in broad daylight, which is a shame. White is affordable, and can deliver both jaw-dropping action scenes and good acting, if given enough of screen time.

Harrison Ford & Sean Connery – again, this type of gamble just might not pay off. Both men are very well known, but hardly fit into anything that “Expendables 3” can ever be. While Harrison Ford can be adjusted at some point, Connery is just not the type. Although know knows, it all depends on the story.

Jackie Chan? Wesley Snipes? Yes, why not, throw them in as well.


Yes, I haven’t forgotten about that title, the big mistake that “The Expendables” had, however it just became bigger in “Expendables 2”.  Despite the negativity that some viewers expressed with regard to “Expendables 2”, this mistake that I am about to reveal, was not mentioned at all. Read on.

The first “Expendables” introduced us to the team: Stallone, Statham, Li, Lundgren, Crews, Rourke, Couture. All of them were going up against Eric Roberts Steve Austin and Gary Daniels. As you can see, it is seven names against three. I was not counting the rest, as they are not on the level. Schwarzenegger & Willis did not count as they only had cameos.

Two years later, we get “Expendables 2”, which has made the mistake even bigger, as now we had Stallone, Statham, Li, Lundgren, Crews, Couture, Norris, Schwarzenegger and Willis…against Van Damme and Scott Adkins. It is nine big names against two. Thus, “Expendables 2” made the same mistake – not enough “names” among antagonists, as Van Damme is forced to battle all of the actions stars listed above by himself, with some help from Scott Adkins and background Bulgarians.

What “Expendables 3” definitely needs is more “name villains”, this is why I specifically noted Dwayne Johnson,Gina Carano and maybe Michael Jai White. There are enough of good guys on the team, however the villains are presented in minority, which just hits you in the face in “Expendables 2”.

Considering that Norris will not return, Schwarzenegger and Willis are unlikely to come back as well, unless Stallone asks them to, there is a big need for “new blood” for the third part of the franchise.

Based on what Expendables really is (blank plot, maximum action), my personal suggestion would be getting less known stars who can deliver (Carano, White, Johnson), instead of Clint Eastwood, Nick Cage or Mel Gibson, who would not only cost more, but would not be able to do big-scale hardcore action.

These of course are just thoughts, we will see what the producers of the film decide, when the time comes.

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