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3D film technology and its influence on other industries

3D film technology is influencing other industries and with the creation of more films using this technique the equipment and experience needed to produce 3D material has become more readily available.

Big budget movie studios have until recently been majority shareholders of 3D tech but other entertainment and unrelated industries are fast realizing the benefits and appeal of 3D and are looking for ways to implement its features into their products.

3D technology took the world by storm and people around the world instantly associate the 2009 cinematic masterpiece “Avatar” by James Cameron as 3D technologies “breakthrough moment”.

In fact, just recently A new technology has been developed that will make it possible for viewers to enjoy three-dimensional programmes without those bothersome 3D glasses. Though prototypes of these TV screens already exist, consumers will not have to wait much longer for the market introduction of these autostereoscopic displays.

Nevertheless, the content might be a bit problematic – the 3D movies currently available on Blu-ray are based on two different perspectives, i.e. two images, one for each eye. However, autostereoscopic displays need five to ten views of the same scene (depending on the type). In the future, the number will probably be even more.

This is because these displays have to present a three-dimensional image in such a manner that it can be seen from different angles – indeed, there is more than one place to sit on a sofa, and you should be able to get the same three dimensional impressions from any position.

Speaking of other industries that have been heavily influenced by 3D tech – one such is the gaming industry. These of course include not just computer or video games, but online casinos as well. Players who were already considering themselves lucky thanks to the easy accessibility and really good selection of realistic casino games available, can now experience a 3D version of their favorite slots game in the guise of Sterling Silver 3D video slots.

As the 3D technology continues to develop, we can soon expect more and more online casino games being offered in 3D format. 3D technology is something that can be used in so many different ways, that it can become far more mainstream over the next few years judging by the popularity of the medium and the novelty factor it offers.

Big name brands like Sony, Samsung and LG already offer 3D TVs and DVD players, proving that the influence of this film tech has already had a far reaching effect. The influence of 3D film technology is clear and with the creation of a 3D casino game, 3D TVs, DVDs and Blu Ray discs the future of 3D looks positive and the influence on other industries looks set to continue on an ongoing basis.

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