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A cartoon becomes Russia’s most profitable film of 2011

“Cinebusiness Today” Edition compiled a list of the most profitable and most unprofitable Russian movies of 2011.

For establishing the list, an interesting criteria was used – instead of chosing films  by absolute gross, they were chosen by the ratio of gross to production values.

And, the highest rate got the animated film “Three Heroes and Shamakhan Queen”. Having a budget of $3 million, the film’s gross turned out to be $19 million.

Second place was taken by Roman Karimov’s “Inadequate people”, which earned only $590 000, with a budget of only $100 000.

As for unprofitable movies of 2011, “Siberia. Monamur.” took the cake, earning only $22,700, with a budget of $3,5 million.

Second most unprofitable movie was “Target” ($5,3 million, gross – around $73,000). It has been noted that both “Target” and “Siberia. Monamur.” had limited releases, with first movie having only 34 screens, and second – 22 screens.

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