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Albert Pyun’s latest cyborg movies set to be shown at BUTFF film festival

Cyborg-NemesisTwo of the latest films of cult director Albert Pyun will reportedly be shown at the upcoming 8th annual B-movie, Underground and Trash Film Festival (BUTFF).

The festival, which will last from Wednesday 4th September till Sunday 8th September, will be held in the Netherlands.

BUTFF is the festival a paradise for B-movie trash and underground movie lovers from around the world, which also provides a diverse line-up of unique acts and performances  by musicians, poets, artists and other performers.

This year the theme is Evilution – crazy doctors, poisonous garbage dumps and radioactive radiation can produce the most gruesome creatures – featuring movies in which filmmakers will show you their wildest ideas.

BUTFF also venture into the wonderful world of the smaller creatures on earth with a lecture and film about insects.

Speaking of Albert Pyun, the director of such cult films as “Cyborg” is scheduled to appear at the festival as one of the main guests this year.

BUTFF will reportedly screen two of Pyun’s latest movies, along with some of his older movies.

Pyun has stated that the festival may screen his cut of “Cyborg – Rise of the Slingers”, if the print is ready in time, and the BUTFF organizers are also hoping his latest movie “Cyborg Nemesis”, which is still in post production,might be shown as well.

Pyun noted a couple of days ago on his Facebook paget that he is “looking forward to this experience and to meet other filmmakers”.

“It’s very different from my previous fest appearances in that its seems to be focused on the guest filmmaker interacting directly with other independent filmmakers,” he said.

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  1. Ah godo news.

    I really enjoy Pyun’s films.

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