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Azerbaijan at the European movie festivals

And here we got some more news on the movie festivals around the world. In particular, one is 3rd International Documentary festival “Transit” that started yesterday in Poland.

Aim of the festival is simple – to strengthen cultural ties and cooperation between European countries. Reportedly, more than 30 countries are participating, and Azerbaijan is one of them.

The country presents documentary film entitled “Koch” (aka “Herd of Sheep roaming”), directed by Rodion Ismayilov, producer and director, who currently lives in Russia. The documentary itself lasts for 52 minutes, and it was filmed at “DS Film” studio back in 2010.

Story of the film features the lives of shepherds in such regions of Azerbaijan as Tovuz, and Dashkesan, plus it deals with traditions and customs of the country. In my opinion this is some interesting stuff for those, who are unfamiliar with the subject.

Next, we got the 48th film festival called “Golden Orange”. The festival was hosted in Turkey’s Antalya, and according to “Turkiyegazetesi”, delegation from Azerbaijan attended the events as well.

Reportedly, among the invited guests from the Azerbaijani delegation were: Director, screenwriter Rustam Ibrahimbayov, “Sacred Animal” film director Yazer Rzayev, “Desire” director Samir Karimov, and Azerbaijani Turksoy representative Elchin Gafarli.

According to the words from the participants, “Golden Orange” festival turned out to be a great one, better than most european film festivals.

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