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Azerbaijani film “Camp of Nomads” at 2012 World Mountain Documentary Festival

The “Koc” (aka Camp of Nomads) by Azerbaijani director Rodion Ismaylov is among other films taking part in the 2012 World Mountain Documentary Festival of Qinghai China.

The 2nd China World Mountain Documentary Festival kicked off in Delingha county, Northwest China’s Qinghai province on July 28. Azerbaijan at the festival is represented by Islayilov’s picture.

“Camp of Nomads” tells a story about shepherds pasturing sheep in steppes for six days.

During that time, shepherds move from one place to another, just like thousands of other men did before. They all follow that path that was walked by their fathers.

The 52-minute film was shot in Summer of 2010 in Azerbaijan. The shooting took place in country’s Tovuz region, Goygol region and in Dashkesan region.

After the film was completed, Rodion Ismayilov said the film is easy to understand without words, as images of the movie tell a viewer much more than that.

Prior to 2nd China World Mountain Documentary Festival, the film has already been shown at almost every big movie festival in Russia and Ukraine, including Moscow international film festival and film forum in Kiev.

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