Industries & Festivals — December 6, 2011 at 5:25 pm

Azerbaijani film “Inheritance” to take part in the International “Stalker” film festival

Azerbaijani film “Inheritance” is set to take part in the International “Stalker” film festival, which will take place in Moscow.

Film’s director Fariz Ahmadov will participate in the 17th International Film Festival on Human Rights named “Stalker”, which is set to be held in Moscow, from December 10-15.

Reportedly, “Inheritance” will be shown at the festival, as part of the special “UN in Russia” program.

ADDITIONAL INFO: “Inheritance” is a movie about a 9-year old Ali, who works at the Salt lake. He used to watch his father work, but now he works as well, and father helps him out. Ali is one of those people, who does not think about his future for one reason – the Salt lake is “inheritance”, that is being taken cared of by generations. Some inherit home, car, or money from their ancestors, others, like Ali inherit a salt lake…

In October 2010 the film received an award in Russia, later another award came in December of the same year at the “Zubroffka” film festival in Poland.

In March of 2011 the film received another prize in the “Best documentary” category at the 18th Open Student Festival in Moscow, and later in April of the same year was awarded with the “Best Antropological Film” prize at the 7th International Documentary Film Festival in Yekaterenburg (Russia).

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