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Azerbaijani films included into the Sport Movies & TV – Milano International Ficts Festival

Azerbaijani movies “Chovgan” by Rafig Guliyev and “The ball goes up high, and falls down hard” by Arzu Urshan were included in the program of the Sport Movies & TV – Milano International Ficts Festival, which is to be held from October 28th to November 2nd in Milan, editor of movie studio “Salname” Nadir Badalov said.

According to Badalov, “Chovgan” will be presented on October 29, while “The ball goes up high, and falls down hard” on October 30th.

“Chovgan” is a documentary film of honored artist Rafig Guliyev shot by “Salname” film studio. Length of the film is 10 minutes. The film is dedicated to the national sport “chovgan”.

In case you don’t know: Chovgan is a game, that is played on horses (ancient type the polo game), and it goes around 2,400 years back.

Back then, it was one of the most popular sports across Middle East (including Azerbaijan). It was also a type of training to the special cavalry units. Turks organized horse racing during holiday festivities, where chovgan and other horseback games were being played.

Last time I saw something like this was in Rambo 3, where Stallone rides on a horse, and plays this weird game with Afghans. As for the second movie, its dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijani football. Length of the film is 46 minutes. I suppose this would be a documentary film.

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