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B-movie stars to attend 1st International Adventure movie forum in Russia

Russian city of Tula is getting ready to host the 3-day movie holiday for fans – the 1st International Adventure movie forum, that will last from September 28-30.

The idea of creating such festival was proposed by the former Russian bodybuilder, actor Alexander Nevsky, who is also an advisor to Tula’s governor.

About two weeks ago Nevsky himself tweeted that Jean-Claude Van Damme supported the idea of hosting such film festival, yet nothing was said whether the “Expendables 2” star will be coming to Russia to participate, according to Russian media outlets.

Hollywood Storm and Dancing Green companies are the organizers of the festival, which promises not only to show classic hollywood action films, but also host master-classes and workshops with the honorary quests, according to the press-service of Tula’s government.

Speaking of those quests, reportedly, Adrian Paul (Highlander), Billy Zane (Titanic, Sniper), Mark Dacascos (Drive, Double Dragon), Cynthia Rothrock (Lady Dragon, Tiger Claws) will be among actors attending the festival.

Among the directors, thus far only two are listed – Sheldon Lettich (director of Double Impact), and Andrzej Bartkowiak (director of Exit Wounds).

Cynthia Rothrock herself wrote on her Facebook page yesterday that she is indeed coming to Russia for the festival on 29th of September, meaning she would probably be there for only one day.

As she told BZFilm, she “doesn’t know too much at the moment”, regarding the details of her visit for the festival in Tula.

Speaking of other attendees, many of them know or worked with Nevsky personally. Billy Zane worked with him on the set of “Magic Man”, and Adrian Paul has been a friend ever since the film “Moscow Heat” (2004).

Nevsky himself has worked in Hollywood for quite some time now, after graduating the State Academy of Management in Moscow in 1994.  In 1999 Nevsky moved to California, and studied English at UCLA and acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.

In the movies he’s known for “Moscow Heat” (2004) with Adrian Paul and Michael York, “Treasure Raiders” (2007) with Brent Huff, David Carradine, and “Magic Man” (2009) with Robert Davi, Billy Zane and Armand Assante.

Nevsky wrote several books on fitness and bodybuilding, and in 2006 his book “Big Encyclopedia of Fitness” – become a bestseller in Russia and ex-Soviet Republics.

According to IMDB, Nevsky is currently busy shooting “Hercules: The Beginning” with himself playing the title character.

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