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Cinema admissions in Finland reach 30-year high

finland-flagCinema admissions in Finland reached 8.5 million in 2012, the best result since 1983, Screen Daily reported.

In 2012, Finnish films sold 2.4 million tickets – up 50 percent on 2011, and 300,000 more than in the record year of 2010 – to control 28 percent of the market, according to statistics published by the Finnish Chamber of Films (Filmkamari), the Finnish Distributors and Exhibitors’ Association.

Total admissions reached 8.5 million, the best result since 1983.

“There are two reasons for the good result – one is the performance of domestic productions, the other the digitisation of Finnish cinemas,” said Harri Ahokas, head of distribution at the Finnish Film Foundation.

“Today 95 percent of all screens are digital, and local fare has always been a strong attraction at mid-size or small venues, which now open the films simultaneously with the big cities.”

The top ten of 2012 releases are spearheaded by US fare, UK director Sam Mendes’ Skyfall closing in on 700,000 admissions, and Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift on 400,000.

The first of three local titles in the top ten – Ricky Rapper and Cool Wendy – took close to 310,000.

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