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Courses for film producers to open in Azerbaijan

For the first time in Azerbaijan, with the help from of the Center for young filmmakers “Cinema” at the Baku Institute of films, special producer courses will function in Baku, according to the Chairman of the center Fehruz Shamiyev.

“Our 3 month courses can become the basis for establishing an institute for movie producers,” Shamiyev said. “We plan to attract about 25 students, which will be selected via a special competition.”

Shamiyev explained, that the courses will be taught by both foreign film specialists and the local ones as well.

Among the foreign specialists, such people are listed as Nizami Eren (turkish movie distributor), Rodion Ismayilov (georgian director working in Russia), Nadir Saiver (iranian director), and David Janeidze (georgian director-producer).

Aside from the above mentioned names, the Baku institute of filmmaking will invite a European award-winning producer Zeynab Ozbatur for a course of lections for the students.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed, as this looks interesting. I hope those with talent and passion for film in here will react properly to all of this, and hopefully, someday our cinema will get better.

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  1. Hi! How can we get more information on how to get enrolled?

  2. Hello, I will try to provide you with some information on this via email in the upcoming couple of days. Thanks.

  3. You can try calling the local numbers –

    1. +994 55 239 76 07
    2. +994 51 768 36 30

    I am not sure if the admissions are still valid, nevertheless you can still call and maybe get some more valuable information.

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