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Film Industry affected by P2P…not

Another research has proved that the entertainment industry falsely claims that it’s suffering from the piracy caused by BitTorrent networks.

The research is titled “Reel Piracy: The Effect of Online Film Piracy on International Box Office Sales”, and was conducted by economics researchers from the University of Minnesota and Wellesley College.

It turned out that the politicians shouldn’t be in such a rush to surrender their people’s freedoms in order to prop up the film industry.

According to the results of the research, the United States box office returns aren’t correlated to BitTorrent sharing.

In addition, it turned out that shorter delays between the United States exhibition and overseas releases cause less file-sharing.

The study proved once again that the film industry still fails to realize that an effective marketing campaign for new releases in the United States would only stimulate demand in other countries.

Meanwhile, if there is no legal way to satisfy this demand, significant part of the viewers would choose illegal methods, according to the report.

In addition, the results of the study showed that movie studios has been wasting fortunes policing copyrights, though they could save it by releasing the movies at the same time as the United States.

Currently, film studios believe they are saving money by releasing films at what they think is “the right time”, while their timing is still ignored by online pirates who prefer to take the movies from BitTorrent instead of waiting.

Consumers in the United States, according to the report, would mostly choose the box office over piracy. In other words, if piracy displaced box office sales in the country, the researchers would have expected the slope of the returns profile to shift more considerably as peer-to-peer networks became more widely adopted.

At the same time, the scientists who carried out the study couldn’t see an irregular drop in returns of the local box office sales that could fault BitTorrent.

The report indicated that the entertainment industry wouldn’t lose so much money if the studios decided to release its flicks internationally simultaneously. The same position, however, has been voiced many times before, but the movie industry for some reason refuses to consider this option.

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