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Films of Azeri directors to be shown at International festival in Kazakhstan

Films of Azerbaijani directors will be shown at the International Festival of Ethnographic Film in Astana (Kazakhstan). Festival’s name is “Samruk-Ethnic Fest”.

The festival will be hosted in Kazakh capital from 18 to 22 of May, according to Trend Life entertainment portal.

During the festival, such Azerbaijani films as “Azerbaijani carpet”, “Gala Heritage”, “Chovgan”, and “Inheritance” will be shown.

The film “Azerbaijan carpet” was filmed in 2009. The film tells about the history of Azerbaijani carpet.

“Gala Heritage” film was shot in the ethnographic genre and tells the story of Absheron village of Gala, which is rich  with ancient history and traditions.

“Chovgan” film was released in 2011 by “Salname” film studio. The 10 minute documentary is dedicated to the national sport “chovgan”. Chovgan is a game, that is played on horses (ancient type the polo game), and it goes around 2,400 years back. Back then, it was one of the most popular sports across Middle East (including Azerbaijan). It was also a type of training to the special cavalry units. Turks organized horse racing during holiday festivities, where chovgan and other horseback games were being played.

As for the “Inheritance” film – it tells the story of a 9-year old Ali, who works at the Salt lake. He used to watch his father work, but now he works as well, and father helps him out. Ali is one of those people, who does not think about his future for one reason – the Salt lake is “inheritance”, that is being taken cared of by generations. Some inherit home, car, or money from their ancestors, others, like Ali inherit a salt lake. In October 2010 the film received an award in Russia, later another award came in December of the same year at the “Zubroffka” film festival in Poland. In March of 2011 the film received another prize in the “Best documentary” category at the 18th Open Student Festival in Moscow, and later in April of the same year was awarded with the “Best Antropological Film” prize at the 7th International Documentary Film Festival in Yekaterenburg (Russia).

“Samruk-Ethnic Fest” is a non-competitive festival, and its being organized with the support from the Interstate Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation of CIS member states.

The festival aims to show the diversity and cultural palette beauty of the participating countries through ethno-cultural films, and focus attention on traditional roots of cultures and the need tp preserve them for modern man’s spiritual enrichment.

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