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Films of two Azerbaijani directors to be shown at festivals in Ukraine, Uzbekistan

Two films of Azerbaijani directors Fariz Ahmadov and Fuad Ibrahimbekov would be shown separately at two film festivals, one in Ukrane, and the other one in Uzbekistan.

Fuad Ibrahimbekov’s film “It Flies”, which he directed jointly with Sergei Shvydko, will be presented at the Second Sevastopol International Film Festival, according to Russian Media outlets. The film is based on a play.

The film’s story takes place in a fictional town that heavily reminds viewers of Moscow. The characters are – producers, hosts, celebrities, that lead a very active, yet idle and empty lifestyle. They talk a lot about love, yet cannot feel it.

“We try to send a message with this film, that one should try to be in contact with reality, not to become a victim of shattered illusions, not to limit to personal interests. There is always a second chance, and a life can be changed. As for love – the film has a great phrase, “there is no fear in love”, which means love must be found, and kept, it should not be scared of,” director Ibrahimbekov said of the film’s story.

The festival will be hosted from 13 to 17 of September, where visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with the festival programme, see films, and even meet with participating filmmakers.

It should be noted that Hollywood actor Armand Assante is among the jury for the festival. He represents the United States at the event.

Second Azerbaijani film “Lighthouse” has a much darker tone, centering on drug addicts. “Lighthouse” will be presented at the Tashkent International Movie Forum.

Story of the film focuses on hard relations between a father and his drug-addict son. The father has been in the military for a long time, serving on a deserted island.

Due to his uneasy character, he left the family, and his stubbornness and pride don’t allow him to inquire about his ex-wife’s and son’s life.

When he is told that his son has become a drug-addict, he decides to help the only way he knows how. It doesn’t take long before the father forces his son to go to the island with him, and starts healing him up, without any medicine, using only his military skills.

The film has been shot with support from Azerbaijani Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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