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Have phone, will shoot: The Original iPhone Film Festival!

I’ve heard of course about people shooting films on their mobile phones, but somehow I never realized that there could be a special film festival devoted to it.

And there is, in fact – Original iPhone Film Festival. It has all of the trappings of a film festival, but there is a catch- the videos submitted for judgment must be filmed with an iPhone, iPod touch, or an iPad 2. Editing can take place on a computer.

With the release of Apple’s iPhone 4, the barrier to shooting and editing was broken down and the playing field leveled.  There’s no more nneed for renting or buying expensive cameras and gear, assemble a crew or hire an editor to get your film made. Suddenly, for anybody with a story to tell, there was a powerful and accessible tool. You can even call it a “pocket film studio”.

Not surprisingly all sorts of companies and individuals jumped on the opportunity presented by this new technology and created a fantastic array of production and post-production hardware, accessories, software and apps to support this unique grassroots community of filmmakers using the iPhone.

Original iPhone Film Fesival is an online festival event which brings Apple IOS filmmaking community together. There’s a judging panel of industry heavyweights to pick the best of the best along with a host of  sponsors. And, of course, there are prizes, cool applications and subscriptions.

The Original iPhone Film Fesival aims to be an online home for all iPhone filmmakers to gather, discuss, problem-solve, learn about techniques and gear, and showcase their work.

There is a forum, iPhone filmmaking and post-production tips, tricks and how-to’s, industry guest columnists, mini-contests with more great prizes.

As of now until January 26th, you can view and vote on your favorite video. The winner will be announced on January 26th at the MacWorld Expo. There were a whole range of prizes to be won, from items such as iPad 2s to Apple TVs to subscriptions to MacWorld.

This really is one of those fun original contests, held within the Apple community. As of this late date in the contest, internal judges have narrowed the video entries to the top three in each category (fiction, non-fiction, music video, etc). From there it is up to the public to vote on the winner.

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