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International Lesbian and Gay film festival: 54 films in 10 days

Wow, I didn’t even know such festival as “Gay & Lesbian International film festival” existed.

On the other hand, its understandable: such thing should have had one of the many film festivals dedicated to it.

Reportedly, Chicago’s Lesbian and Gay International film festival kicked off today, bringing some of the world’s best LGBT films to Chicago. The festival will run for 10 days, and 54 films are scheduled to be screened at various theaters across the city.

The mission of the festival (called “Reeling”) is to recognize the important artistic contributions that lesbian, gay and transgender filmmakers have made to culture. Since this is not for everyone, the film titles that are to be shown at this festival will probably say nothing to a usual viewer.

The topic of “lesbians and gays” has always been a debated one, but I assume all of the movies at this festival “have something to say”. Below are some intros:

“The ultimate complicated relationship: A lesbian falls in love with a straight woman who is married to a homophobic pastor.”

“These two films follow gay couples as they decide to expand their families by having or adopting children.”

“A San Francisco newcomer tries coming to terms with his abusive ex-lover, and in the process befriends a street hustler.”

Now, from these short explanations it’s obvious that films probably don’t have any explicit scenes in them, as these are all basically “relationship” stories. Would you attend the festival if you were straight?

I probably wouldn’t since I don’t like crowded places, but I might search for some of these movies and watch them alone.

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