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Iran’s National Student Film Festival wraps up in Tehran

The 5th edition of Iran’s National Student Film Festival has wrapped up in the capital city of Tehran, with dozens of students receiving awards during a closing ceremony, Press TV reported.

The festival, which included both national and international sections, closed during a ceremony on Wednesday after the 48 awards were granted to the best productions in 10 different categories including documentaries, short films, animations, photography and writing.

The festival’s secretariat received 247 screenplays, 75 still photos, 201 documentaries, 340 short films and 62 animations from Iranian students. The Student Film Festival ran from October 28 to 31, 2012.

Several international countries also took part in the film festival, and a total of 72 foreign works were screened in the international competition section during the 4-day event.

The students also presented works focusing on the Islamic Awakening and resistance, and 36 foreign documentaries with the same theme from 12 countries, such as Sweden, United States, Britain, Greece and Canada, were screened during the festival.

“In the international part of this year’s festival, Iranian and foreign students showed great interest in producing works that portraits Islamic Awakening and resistance against Israel,” said Kazem Nazeri, the director of the National Student Film Fest Festival.

Mahmoud Arbabi, the secretary of the festival also said that the previous festivals were held in the national level, but “this year there was a great interest in the event and therefore we included topics of Islamic Awakening and resistance in the festival in the international section.”

“We will also release these documentaries for public viewing in Sudan, Tunisia and Iraq in November,” Arbabi added.

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