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Russian film festival to show over 100 films from 27 countries

The Selection Committee proceeded to view the films and format the program of the XI Baikal International Film Festival of popular scientific and documentary films titled “Man and Nature”.

According to the Russian media outlets, the festival will be hosted in Russian city of Irkutsk, on October 5, and will last for three days (festival’s official website says it will last from 7-10 of October).

“Man and Nature” festival was was established by the Union of Cinematographers of Russia and East-Siberian branch of Russian Cinematographers’ Union.

It is supported by the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Government of Irkutsk region.

The festival seeks to bring public attention to the problems of the relationship between a man and the environment.

Russian filmmakers will present 54 films at the festival, Germany – five films, China – 4 films, Greece, Iran and Serbia will each present 3 films.

Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Finland will all present two films each, while Australia, Denmark, India, Ireland, Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, France, Switzerland, Japan – will all present one film each.

As part of the festival programme, special screenings, competition programs, workships, exhibitions will be organized.

The festival has several nomination categories: Festival’s Gran Prix, Best Documentary, Best Science Fiction film, Best Educational film, Best Children’s film.

Aside from that, the festival has special nominations, such as: Prize of the Student jury, Prize of the internet community, the media community prize, the prize for best animated film.

The “Baikal” public recognition prize is awarded to the best film about the most significant environmental problems. In addition to the competitive program, there are non-competition screenings: opening of the film festival and a special screening.

Traditionally, the meetings and discussions with filmmakers, various master classes from the documentary filmmakers, round tables – are being held during the festival.

Since 2011, the current president of the “Man and Nature” Film Festival is Sergei Miroshnichenko, a famous Russian documentary filmmaker, Honored Artist of Russia, member of the Academy of Russian Television, laureate of State Prize of Russia, Secretary of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, Professor Institute of Cinematography.

Miroshnichenko is the author of 18 films, two-time “Nika” award winner, and one time “Emmy” award winner.

The previous festival hosted over 350 movies from 38 countries.  This year, “Man and Nature” will show 107 films from 27 countries. Aside from usual movie submissions, there are also joint ones: Azerbaijani-Russian, French-German, German-Russian, and also from Slovakia and Austria.

Baikal International Film Festival of documentary, popular science and educational films “Man and Nature” is being hosted in Irkutsk since 1999.

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