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Spain can reach highest domestic box office share in 27 years

spain-flagSpanish movies have already set a one-year box office record in Spain and could reach their highest domestic box office share in 27 years, according to Hollywood Reporter.

With a few days left in the year, ticket sales for Spanish releases have earned $140 million already.

Domestic releases had a market share of 17.9 percent as of Christmas Day, Rentrak Spain reported.

With $140 million, a box office record for Spanish films, and some 40 percent of the tickets sold in the past three months in Spain, homegrown films have revitalized a limp sector.

Even if the market share figure were to nudge down by year’s end to 17.8 percent, it would still come in as the best performance in 11 years.

The positive trends contrast to the country’s broader box office downturn. So far, Spain has experienced a 6 percent drop in box office admissions this year.

In 2012, Spain had three domestic titles that crossed the milestone of 1 million tickets sold: “The Impossible”, “Tad the Lost Explorer” and “I Want You”.

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