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Sports films festival kicks off in Baku

On Tuesday, the first Sports Films Festival has been started in Azerbaijan’s capital.

The jury member and member of Serbia’s Cinematography Union, Jovan Markovic noted at the opening of the festival, that sports movies by theme are different from other movies, and for development of such films, it is important to have the culture of sports in the country.

“Such films raise the interest towards sports, thus it is important to treat such films with professionalism,” Markovic said at the press conference.

He also spoke about the hosting country, noting that he was very glad to know the festival is being hosted in Azerbaijan.

“When I first heard that the festival is being hosted in Baku, I was very glad, since I’ve never been in this country before, and didn’t know much about it, to be honest,” Markovic said.

He said that what he imagined he would see in Baku, was exactly the opposite of what he saw, mentioning the beauty of Azerbaijan’s capital – once a former Soviet Union country.

The festival’s artistic director Nokolai Porochovnik in his turn, said that Azerbaijan is the second ever country after Russia that hosts such a festival. He then proposed an idea to host such festivals annually.

It is scheduled to show over 50 movies at the festival, both feature and documentary films, that are presented by 19 countries.

Azerbaijani minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfaz Garayev noted at the opening that it is planned to host this festival twice a year, adding that this year, the festival has been timed to the “year of the sports” in Azerbaijan.

The opening ceremony was later followed by a concert, and during the first day, two movies were shown.

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