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2 new exciting film projects from Scott Adkins – photos – video

I love Scott Adkins. The guy is an action superstar, in my opinion. We’ve seen him slowly climbing the ladder from “Pit Fighter” and “Unleashed” to jaw-dropping “Undisputed 2” and “Undisputed 3”. Then “Ninja” and “Assassination Games”.

Today, Adkins is in the biggest action movie of all time – “Expendables 2”, where he has a small part, but in this kind of star company – who wouldn’t want to be in his place?

Now, aside from Simon West vehicle, Adkins has two other interesting projects, that we’re going to talk about. I am excited about both of them. One is “Re-Kill” (fantastic title!) – an action flick about zombie outbreak. In here however, they’re presented as “re-animated” humans, which is cool I think.

On IMDb Adkins is top-billed star, however he’s only briefly seen in a trailer of the film, shooting a machine-gun. By the way, the trailer looks awesome, and its below, check it out.

Second Adkins project is “El Gringo”, an action/thriller film about some injured guy (Adkins), who crosses the border into Mexico, with a bag full of money, and plans to retire in Acapulco. According to IMDb, the budget for this was only $7 million, but what a cast they got for this money!

Aside from Adkins himself, we got Christian Slater (supposedly playing a cop, who tries to track down Adkins’ character), and also Michael Jai White, Darren Shahlavi, and Matt Mullins.

I can only hope that Adkins, White, Shahlavi and Mullins will have some sort of a fight scene in the film, as this is what these guys are mostly known for. And, if you’re interested, here’s a little trivia for you:

Michael Jai White defeated Matt Mullins in “Blood and Bone” (2009)
Michael Jai White defeated Scott Adkins in “Undisputed 2” (2006)
Michael Jai White defeated  Darren Shahlavi in “Tactical Force” (2011).

Anyway, back to the film – according to the Bulgarian film studios “Nu Boyana” website, director Eduardo Rodriguez has already finished shooting “El Gringo” on location in Bulgaria. Below are the pictures from the shooting, which were displayed by Scott Adkins himself on his Facebook page.

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  1. Scott Adkins and Matt Mullins should work together in Undisputed 4 they work together in Metal Hurlant and El Gringo so UD 4 will be good for Adkins and Mullins
    Thank U.
    Bruce Acosta

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