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Abandoned cinema theater in Egyptian desert – PHOTO

theater-in-egyptian-desertYes, there is abandoned old open movie theater, deep in the Sinai desert in Egypt. This hidden gem was discovered by Estinian photographer Kaupo Kikkas.

Kikkas, after taking the pictures of the abandoned place, published them online, hoping to attract more interest to the cinema theater, and, if possible, find a new owner for it.

According to Kikkas, the cinema was built by at the turn of the millenium by a wealthy French stoner. Reportedly, the stoner wanted to build a theater to cash in on the local population, by showing them movies. The screen for the theater and equipmen  were brought from Cairo.

However, the business didn’t go so well. The locals didn’t show any interest, and no film was ever shown there.

On the opening night, the generator powering the party mysteriously cut out. It’s suspected that local Egyptians and government officials didn’t take too well to the Frenchman and his cinematic ideas.

In any case, even though the theater has been abandoned for many years, thanks to Kikkas, we can still have a look at it.






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