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Adventures of B-movie stars at “ACTION HERO 2012” Festival in Russia – PHOTOS

The 1st International Adventure movie forum “ACTION HERO 2012” has taken off in Russian city of Tula, will last till September 30.

The idea of creating such festival was proposed by the former Russian bodybuilder, actor Alexander Nevsky, who is also an advisor to Tula’s governor.

Nevsky himself has worked in Hollywood for quite some time now, after graduating the State Academy of Management in Moscow in 1994.  In 1999 Nevsky moved to California, and studied English at UCLA and acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.

In the movies he’s known for “Moscow Heat” (2004) with Adrian Paul and Michael York, “Treasure Raiders” (2007) with Brent Huff, David Carradine, and “Magic Man” (2009) with Robert Davi, Billy Zane and Armand Assante.

“We plan to host the Tula Film festival annually,” Nevsky told reporters. ” The program would include master classes, charity film screenings, various workshops and specially organized events for media outlets and film industry professionals.”

According to Russian media outlets, the honorary quests – Cynthia Rothrock, Matthias Hues, Robert Madrid, Adrian Paul – and Alexander Nevsky himself visited Russian capital of Moscow as well.

“I love everything about Moscow,” Matthias Hues shared with the Russian media. “It’s a modern European city with active life, there’s no difference with America.”

Cynthia Rothrock prior going to Russia, told BZFilm that she doesn’t know too much at the moment, regarding the details of her visit to Tula.

Once the festival began, Rothrock spoke briefly to BZFilm, revealing some details on what’s going on at “ACTION HERO 2012”.

“On Saturday the Lady Dragon film will be screened, and but before that I am trying to get someone to run to Red Square with me now before we leave,” Rothrock told BZFilm prior to leaving for Tula.

She also said that the festival has already shown Alexander Nevsky’s film with David Carradine (that would be Treasure Raiders).

According to local Russian media outlets covering the festival, the stars loved Tula, and warm hospitality of the local residents. The action stars all said that Tula is a great place for shooting movies.

Cynthia Rothrock even said she will devote one part of her book she is currently writing, to Tula.

Head of the region Vladimir Gruzdev personally welcomed foreign guests and took them on excursion – the action stars even visited the local weapons museum.

On Saturday, the 90s action stars took pictures with the locals and hosted two master classes within the framework of the festival.

The Russian sources said that all tickes for movies and master classes were free of charge.

Organizers of the event underscore that the festival was originally intended for socially vulnerable residents of the city and the region, families with many children and orphans. The financing was completely provided by the event sponsors.

Below are more pictures from the festival itself, kindly shared by Cynthia Rothrock herself. Take a closer look.

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